7 Self-tanning FAQs

Q. I tan easily in the sun, unless I apply self-tanning product?

A. Your natural tanning ability will not come into play using a self-tanner. Self-tanners work by coloring the top layer of your skin, which consists of "dead" skin cells. Comes from your natural tanning pigment melanin is stimulated in the lower layers of the skin. So tanning quickly does not mean you tan faster and darker.

P. I can use Retin-A to treat acne. ¿I can use self-tanner on your face?

R. Yes, but do not apply both products at the same time, as it can irritate the skin. Wait until one dries before the others.

Q. My self-tanner smells sour when he's on my skin. Does the smell go away?

A. The sour scent you smell from your skin is the smell of the chemical reaction, which is the color of your skin. Different products contain varying degrees of effective "masking" ingredients to minimize the odor. Several hours after using the product, the sour odor fade, although it will not go away completely until you shower.

P. How long does sunscreen last? When should I return?

A. self-tanners last 3-5 days. They disappear gradually over time. You do not have to wait for a tone before you apply again, even though some women say they get a more uniform color, if they do.

Q. The prices vary so much from self-tanning. Are the more expensive brands to give me a better tan?

R. Not necessarily. As with most cosmetics, trial and error is the rule of thumb when it comes to finding the product that best suits you. Some women complain that cheaper brands smell worse. Others say that the more expensive brands do not offer a very real future. Some may prefer a spray expensive because it is easier to implement, others may want to use the same brand that makes your daily moisturizer. Start with a recommendation from a friend, or ask our community for advice.

P. How to choose a color that is right for me?

A. Here are some tried and true: usually, the darker your self-tanner, it will look like the counterfeiter. Try not to go darker than the middle, no matter what your skin color. You can always order more if the tan is not dark enough for you is a better choice to start with the color may seem strange superdark.

D. How can I get a fake tan looks so real you?

A. Follow these four guidelines:

- Do not use the same depth of color all over, people never have the same beige color all over their bodies. (. It is a sure sign of tan is fake) Apply lightly to the top of your feet, ankles and top of your hands - places that normally light tan as the rest of your body.

- Avoid tanning heels, inside the arms, fingers and forearms. If you get the product in these areas, wash before it dries.

- Apply self-tanner for the face lightly, be sure to apply evenly around your area of ​​the nostrils, ears and neck.

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