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Rabia Z sophisticated design has closed the second day of Dubai Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2011 collection of his, a woman who flaunts her individuality in confidence.

On a quest to find his mouse through an online contest on its website, Rabia has stumbled more than 25 years, Ayesha, Arab and British heritage. The collection is inspired by Ayesha personal style and personality and the pursuit of competition has helped the designer to understand and adapt to customer needs in a more nuanced.

The collection of travel "Autumnal Ayesha 'plays with the fall colors of ocher, olive, khaki and gray with touches of color working in other outfits. Organic cotton clothing, denim, wool and lycra are alternated with his signature use of stretch jersey. remaining faithful to the philosophy of the brand of conservative chic, structured jackets and coats were worn over long pants. The abayas innovative jacket "'in chocolate brown teamed with jeans that show their current mobile quotient.

Zip main sport and the color of the pipe with matching shayla. High volume, silk shirts and dresses covered with subtle embellishments and the sharp reduction reflects the tendency of the label and traditional brand.

The exhibition shows a collection of sunglasses and accessories Accessorize brand in the UK.

Promising the possibility of obtaining support massive media

Emerging Talent Show in Dubai Fashion Week, the look out for the names of six, kicked off the third day of the Autumn / Winter 2011 line-up.

Zandi Aztlán your clothing collection of 9, inspired by the reading of modernity fused with feminine grace. His clothes were traditionally feminine details include a sharp reduction futuristic. Held in black lame and black, appears in the collection. One shoulder dress to reveal lame side roll center. The collection of their official uniforms and evening gowns hairstyles complemented by swollen and hanging crystal earrings add a touch of opulence. A dress with a boa innovative separate could be modified and used in different ways to change the look of the place won public approval.

Anna Gurgacz European designer, the audience is presented with a sumptuous blend of Arab and simple designs of European fashion. Inspired by the fuchsia flower, multi-colored costumes come in pink. Mangas levels were accompanied by accessories hip strap and stiffness coupled with complex work. Used clothing elastic fabric, satin and chiffon. Chiffon scarves required are around, giving a soft touch.

Debutant designer Sarah Mrad presented his 10-clothing collection for the little woman. Take strong French influence, which manifests itself as short strong figure and held frou-frou dresses were decorated with ribbons, buttons, and cut flowers laser. In the 50's and 60 inspired dresses in chiffon and tulle recalled old-school Hollywood glamor.

Fresh designer Kay Li, dazzled audiences with their upbeat collection of eight pieces using traditional materials such as the collapse of the wool and leather. Bubble skirts with a strong reduction blouses were paired with pleated. Symmetrical panels made its way into structured pants and jackets. A halter dress with appliques bagging of Burgundy, the bust was followed by a pair of gray pants snap accompanied by a gray coat with leather shoulders. Size zipper and pocket details an added advantage to future collections.

Sophie Wanney 9-resident nature-inspired designs with a minimalist work of a courageous woman and strong today. Short jackets were paired with pants, shirts and drawers symmetric models have been combined with on-line skirts.

Sara Al Rafai collection of 5-cuts and stylish clothes in the closet Color infuses the young Arab woman. A black abaya with red chest wall opened the show. Inspired dresses and abayas jalabiyas tones followed in salmon, green and camel combined with puffed sleeved blouses and long jackets.

Aisha Al Faheem K and inspired by the culture Alil

Faheem K

"Gold Rush" presented his Fall / Winter line entitled, inspired by the country's mineral wealth - Faheem Kader - the first designer from South Africa to DFW. The collection was lavish in the use of sequins and ornaments found their way into the necklines, hems and long sleeves. Baggy black lace leggings are used in gold, along with corsets and gloves to the elbow.

Highlights of the show included an olive silk coat over a skirt combines black with gold applied to peas and a suit with red piping and panel game again, providing an overview of the collection of his men fashion come.

"Message" - Aisha Al Aleel

Inspired by the forms in different cultures, Aisha Al Aleeli the "modest", with the gray suit greek on the front panel, in combination with black silhouettes Abaya, Abaya nice sweater with kimono sleeves and brocade piping and Indian inspired Abaya, Sari draping, such as with the flowers, studded with Swarovski Shayla. Other innovations included abaya with almonds and orange and black Abaya and ceiling with a diameter of leopard print.

The collection grew glamorous evening gowns, after the show closed with a black layer development, the reserve of gold and silver necklace with a monarch and a crystal-based design products.

Gulzeb attracts the crème de la crème Community in Pakistan


The crème de la crème of the Pakistani community in Dubai were present to support the beginnings of winter Gulzeb Asif Dubai Fashion Week Autumn / e of 2011

The superb collection of 37 pieces including dresses, salwar kameez, and the bar lehenga caftans hand exquisite pearls and crystal decorations. Asian model Kiran Malik opened the show with a short dress wearing a red skirt large. Caftans in bright orange and forest green was followed by one-shoulder dress in two shades.

The necklines and bands imbedded in the race to offset the dark-colored dresses. Salwar kameez pants paired with gold embroidery, wide and narrow done and embellishments that have been highlighted by thin borders of brocade.

Long black "kameez" (tunic) with a drop of gold ceiling lights have been associated with red pants, after which a series of Salwar kameezes rich purple, and coral, cut water pipes. Black and pink dress with a matching 'dupatta' (was) won the approval of public wilderness.

Showstopper, a richly embroidered lehenga with red and green colored dupatta, had spent the Pakistani television personalities, Mahroon Baloch, who attended the actor Sidiqqui Adnan.

Inspired by everything around her, presented a collection Gulzeb mainly eastern ethnic accents western design elements.

Returns the collection Shrekahnth theme futeristic 3D FW 2011


After launching its first collection of DFW 2010, returned with his theme Shrekanth futuristic 3D 2011 Fall / Winter line.

Costumes that flows together to develop the headgear affect planetary symbols. With digital prints in a natural space, abstract images of winter clothes using muted tones with splashes of color in the form of geometric patterns.I nspired by Filippo Maria online thoughts of Futurism, a 24-piece collection are presented directly to the silhouette and futuristic cuts.

A well-known signature of the digital printing and its painstaking research Shrekahnth models new clothes and use small decorations can be printed to maintain their own.

Tips control and military-inspired prints that represent the machine age was associated with minimal multi-tube designs. Combinations with astronomical reasons were followed by long satin dresses and structured Habotai (China Silk).

Models sashayed the soundtrack of Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, '2001: A Space Odyssey, "as the logo Shrekhanth shone in 3-D wallpaper The public was asked to wear 3D glasses included, such as clothing textures created the illusion of movement fluid in the tissue Shrekanth yet announced plans to begin deliveries .. label, the "Medusa", which includes handmade creations from Germany.

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