Marriage Are Tips And Advice

Eye makeup is essential to make the bride look Arabic. Eye shadows are bright contrasting colors are often used to complement the bride's gown. The use of colors to blend the colors is also important. Use the gel eyeliner because they are easier to apply and is water resistant. Gel eyeliners are great for lining the inside of the eye and held for hours, unlike pencils.

Marriage are tips and advice. Bridal makeup is generally known and recognized since antiquity. At the wedding, the bride wants to look more attractive than others. As each guest and the director have a deep look on the bride. At present, prudent and vigilant marriage requirement. If you plan to visit a beauty salon for make-up rather than have a trial makeup before the day of weeding.

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Bridal Makeup And Wedding

Extensive business experience Jane makes him an expert in the selection of wedding and bridal make-up. His friendly approach to contain all the ideas and dreams: No bride or the wedding is the same, rather than their form.

Jane understands exactly how to make beautiful flawless make-up, not only in photos, but also face to face, close, both natural and artificial light, in different climates and weather conditions and at all times of the year.

It 'very good at improving your best features and cover with a result of sleepless night, or that dreaded pimple. Jane can only work with the bride or the crew.

Beginning with a pre-trial hearing detailed marriage, Jane will share trade secrets, which guarantees that you will look absolutely perfect from beginning to end of your big day.

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Bridal Makeup Tips

You've met the man of your dreams, fell in love with him and even had the wedding date set. And now we await the day of their union, when the two of you become each other forever. At the same time, which began with the preparation, the right to choose where to choose the wedding dress. Now, have you thought about the composition of the D-day too? No? So no more wasting time and start taking care of yourself from now on. We have listed a number of things to do and ideas for the bride, in the following lines just for you.

Make-up ideas for the bride

Before D-Day

* Implementation of skin care, hair and nails for at least 6 weeks before the wedding. Start going for regular facial and manicure, and ask for advice on good beautician beauty products.

* Stay away from the sun as much as possible. In case you have to move, remember to use a sunscreen with at least SPF 20. Try to avoid extreme weather conditions like wind, rain or cold, too.

* If you have a stressful job, so be sure to go to a massage at least once a week. Use essential oils in your bath and try to attend at least one aromatherapy session before the wedding.

* Do not skimp on your sleep, otherwise it will be difficult to hide your dark circles under the D-Day. At the same time to be happy. Remember, what goes on in your mind reflects on your face as well.

* Make the reservation of the makeup artists at least 3-4 months before the wedding. Add / View your computer so that he / she can plan the exact look. You should also go to a test session before the wedding.


* It is always advisable to synchronize with your makeup wedding clothes and jewelry. If they are very heavy, so you should prefer to have light makeup done on D-Day.

* The moment of your wedding also affect the type and amount of makeup. For example, lots of makeup looks good on the night, but it will look very strange under the strong sunlight.

* If the wedding is planned for spring / summer, bright, pastel colors work best. For a wedding in winter, warmer and deeper shades are a better choice.

* Although the bridal makeup has to be heavier and more dramatic than that made of parts used, must be so heavy it makes you look like a doll.

* Why is your wedding is photographed a lot. Remember, the foundation of the yellow shades work best with flash. Even if they are pink shades make you look very pale.

* Always go for the lip-liner, which is the same shade as your lipstick. Otherwise you may end up lip-liner that is too obvious. At the same time, always stick to a long-term lipstick for your wedding.

* Remember, you have to balance eye makeup lip makeup. If you want to go dramatic eyes, choose a shade of pale lipstick. If you use a dark lipstick, it is better to have natural light eyes.

* Never forget to apply foundation on your neck, back, ears and other exposed areas of the body too. Otherwise, look at your face painted and beauty - artificial.

* It is advisable to go for a light dusting of translucent powder in your face, do not end up too bright. You can also request a powder bronzer with a warm skin tone and get a natural light.

* Ask your sister, friend or relative of another woman to make a pressed powder, lipstick and tissues for you. This will help you play, especially if your wedding will be a long-term affair.

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Bridal Make-up Artist

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Lakme Bridal Makeup

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Professional Bridal Makeup

Professional bridal makeup, bridal makeup Lakmé in Asian bridal makeup, hair and makeup for wedding

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Makeup Tips For Wedding

Less is more, especially when it comes to wedding day makeup. Use enough of each type of product in order to highlight their properties, but do not overdo it. The style of makeup should be a little clearer for pictures you might want to take, but at the same time you have to you men that you maintain your natural look.

Use neutral colors to emphasize the trick. Use a color that matches the mascara as well. This thing is in many cases afraid of red hair, like most mascaras are dark. In addition, when using the eye color and mascara should consider your skin tone.

Many brides want to apply waterproof mascara in case a few tears will be displayed throughout the day.

Another good tip that you do not know tells you to mix foundation with a moisturizer to achieve a natural part.

Add a concealer to hide the marks and stains. The lipstick is applied with a brush lips. Then, the lips are shaped by the complementary lip color with chalk. Do not use a darker color, because it is forced to offer as a natural part.

It is necessary to use the powder to avoid the shiny side of the face. Bet on a honey-colored powder and transparent. So you'd better avoid power with components made of beads or bright details.

If you are out of date and opt for white and black, must be focused and use the following: the contour of the lips and eyes with caution.

The dark shades of lipstick tend to appear darker than black and white photos, so use a lighter than usual. For women with red hair like strawberries and red fall colors tones are recommended. Finally, you have to consistently apply the redness and select a color close to natural skin tone.
The fact that wives are those about which you can see the pictures in the great days are made of one thing we all know. But all brides know how to get a perfect makeup all day?

No matter how beautiful the bride dresses, shoes and jewelry, can not be stressed enough, if you do not have perfect makeup? Here are some tips you can consider for the wedding day.

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Jessica Simpson And Fergie Shows Off Nail Polish Trend

As dark as possible - is the hottest trend in nail color this fall! From a gunmetal gray metallic dark brown Fergie Jessica Simpson red-brown or Eva Mendes' dark navy blue, do not be afraid of dark nails you will find a pop.

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Nail Polish

Our unique formula contains no DTP threes, not Tulene and formaldehyde and is not available in a wide range of shades bejewel long fingers and toes! A full range of pure iridescent, color depth, gloss, and treatments that take you from classic to the forefront with just a few brushstrokes.

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Rock The Look: Removing Nail Polish

This has frustrated me to remove the enamel

Because I knew I would be in a battle with polish remover, I started chipping away at my nails to get a head start. Ya ... I would not recommend this method, it is messy and ultra ugly. In an attempt to minimize irritation, I researched methods to remove the varnish and glitter came to two conclusions:

1. Use acetone polish remover

2. Please be patient

For # 1, I found this overview of acetone removers (via two hearts together):

Acetone is used as a solvent to dissolve other substances such as paints, varnishes, lacquers, oils, waxes, resins, plastics and adhesives! This type of nail polish nails usually draws easily polished to a solvent that does not contain acetone (NonAcetone). Acetone nail polish is also useful for making artificial nails and the removal of the strong colors of the natural nail. The acetone is stronger and easier to polish, but which dries nails. Please contact the skin directly into the account can cause irritation and damage to your skin, so be careful when using this or any other chemical.

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Top Nail Polish Pics

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A "lifting" in a tube! Perfect cover cream in a wide variety of delicious pure tones, bright and reflective, all day, evening or special event. Use one at a time or in pairs to create a shadow that is uniquely you. Pair with Lip FACE Stockholm lip gloss or to intensify color and add shine to high voltage. With over 100 colors to choose from, the possibilities seem endless.

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Best Red Lipstick Shades

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Is Your Lipstick Poisoning You With Lead

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has just released a report on the safety of lipsticks sold in stores in 2007. The report found that 61% of the most popular brands sold lip was found to have some level of lead. The amounts ranged from 0.03 to 0.65 ppm (parts per million). The FDA has no limit for lead in lipsticks, but recently identified as candy should not have more than 0.10 ppm of lead due to lead toxicity in children leading to possible difficulties learning and language. More than one third of lipsticks tested in the study went on all of the FDA for a level of food intake. The contaminated brands were L'Oreal, Cover Girl and Christian Dior. It seems that the price had no impact on test results registered trademark of Pharmacy and costly both had the same probability of having high lead content in lipsticks.

Lead is a neurotoxin and the accruals documented in women who become pregnant while easily transferred through the placenta and affect fetal brain development. Lead is not easily excreted from the body and thus accumulates in organs like the liver, kidneys, brain and joints. Many of my patients are surprised at the amount of lead excreted in urine tests for heavy metal challenge and ask me where they could have obtained this heavy metal. Lipstick can be one of the answers, along with water, paint dust, pollution, children's toys, etc. Some of the known effects of lead are

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How To Choose Lipstick

Lipstick Properties

What is the ideal perfect lipstick? Well, keep the color, moisturize and protect skin from the lips soft. Also, do not be too dry or too early to go. You can not run or leave stains on the lips after takeoff.

Based on the different properties of lipstick can be of three types: resistant, matte and glossy. Lipstick on the screen is bright and sustainable for a long time, because some of the waxes and water-resistant materials in its composition. Sustainable lipstick should be applied to dry lips. One minute to correct lipstick. After that you can enjoy the lips are colored in about eleven hours. However, if you have selected a lipstick lasting products not to eat fat, because they can easily remove the lipstick.

Matte lipstick contains a lot of powder and wax. The color is deep and mysterious. It looks good on full lips, but avoiding too thin.

To create the illusion of fuller lips, try a lip gloss. It applies easily, moisturises well and makes the skin soft.

In order to remove the lipstick always look good in excess lipstick with a tissue. Apply one coat of lipstick, and remove the excess lipstick again. In addition to bite the fabric to remove lipstick from your teeth.

When you apply the liquid and use moisturizing lipsticks Lip Liner to prevent the execution of lipstick. The lips are the perfect shape. You can search for Lip Liner as a basis, this will help to keep the color longer.

If you do not use lip liner on the lips a natural, but not in any way.

Be careful when choosing the color of your lipstick. Try to choose a shade similar to the color of lipstick, if the makeup is too vulgar.

The right color of lipstick is not easy, but possible. For the selection of lipstick to the store a lot of it applies to your fingertips, not the wrist on the skin. The problem is that the color of your lipstick can look different depending on the color of your natural lip color lips. And the color of your skin with your finger is closer to this color.

If you buy a lipstick in a good shop vendors give you good advice. But if you can not count on this kind of thing anyone with your time figuring out what color looks more like the lips.

For example, if lips are full dull shades look better: all shades of purple, brown and bronze. Thinner lips look great with lighter shades. Should choose a platinum blonde delicate berry, cappuccino and pink-purple color. Or blondes can select a coral, apricot and peach.

Women with blond hair, olive-skinned and red haired beauties can love brick red, cinnamon and dark color lipstick fishing.

All the lipstick contains waxes, oils, moisturizers, dyes, softeners and agents. These are the ingredients you should be careful when trying to determine the quality of the lipstick. Wax makes the lipstick smooth and easy to spread.

Beeswax and palm wax in Brazil are the most used in the production of cosmetics.

The oils most commonly used in the composition of lipstick are: castor oil, mineral oil, olive oil and coconut oil, and lanolin and petroleum jelly. Castor oil is a necessary component of the composition of lipstick as it is one that adds shine to color.

Many manufacturers do not use aloe vera, amino acids, collagen, vitamin E, moisturizing and sun protection ingredients, which makes lips soft and handsome, and to protect them from bad influence on the environment.

When choosing lipstick medical care, it can provide to their lips. Lots of wax and oils will make your lips smooth and soft, while the increased number of vitamin A and C to protect lips from the negative influence of climatic and environmental factors.
Every woman knows the importance of lipstick. I can not even imagine what we could use if the lipstick was not invented.

However, not all of us make up properly. It seems so easy to use, but how it looks on the lips of the girls that we see around us says a lot about these skills to use and what is more important, to select it.

The choice of lipstick is often a very complex issue. The range of lipstick color is so rich now, it's no wonder why some women are making a mistake when they do. In addition, the actual color of your lipstick can be a little 'different from what you have is the result of your lips. In addition, the lipstick color should be commensurate with the type of skin.

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11 Lipsticks For Lead-free Safer Kisses

It's not a pretty story. As toxic ingredient that is not allowed in paint or gasoline can be hidden in your lipstick.

Lead. You know, the stuff that was all in disarray last Christmas, because it was the toys from China? That stuff. So, here to save the green day.

According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Study, "widely acclaimed, they found 11 popular lipsticks without detectable amounts of lead. And here's the list!

So why take the risk? These lipsticks are currently on the market, and there's one in every price range. Keep your kisser ... and they kiss ... Safe low toxin lipstick.

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They Dress Like Celebrities With Asymmetrical Neckline

These days many celebrities, models and even the mundane are asymmetrical necklines sports according to their personality. So what the hell is an asymmetrical neckline dress? Well, you have to see Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore and Rihanna or focus in their last dresses.

One thing you will notice how beautifully the lead designer of these dresses asymmetrical neckline. These dresses looks sexy bare shoulder and the other is coated with a belt or a linen suit.

Famous fashion designers always reach a wide range of designer clothes for smart people attract these dresses are expensive. The fact that celebrities are the designers of sportswear on the red carpet is a great demand for these cleavages.

There are many other models that are also very impressed with these models, such as mini-dresses, Maxi a shoulder, etc. Of course, these models are winning the hearts and here to stay. You can not please groped again, but after that there is no looking back guarantee.
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How To Buy A Perfect Prom Dress 2011

Ball gowns are so many varieties, styles, price range, the collections of design and size that it becomes almost impossible to choose the best one for you. It 's always so many choices, styles, that will leave you tempted to buy everything is not it?

Prom Night is a special occasion for you, you want to protect your life and you do not want to just settle for someone dresses, but who want the best prom dress ever. You also know that your friends can choose dresses for themselves, so that your inner consciousness told to choose a dress that is not already selected by someone of your friend already.

To choose a unique prom dress, you can choose designer prom dresses, which is a bit expensive, but chances are you will not end up wearing the same dress as the girl next door. These designer collection comes in the great assembly style to choose, who can not resist to choose from.

To select a better place for the evening of the ball, you can check local stores specializing ball gown in your local neighborhood, you can check the yellow pages or you can visit the famous shop. Most stores these days offer designer brands with a good collection. Its best to try the dress before buying it and ensure that the dress you are about to buy suits you best and fits well.

In case you are not satisfied with what has been offered by the shops, you can visit department stores and bridal shops clothing. In general, these bridal shops have a very good collection of casual wear and can offer a variety of options. Party dresses are also a part of casual wear to choose wisely.

In case you still are not sure what to buy for your best night. Try searching online and looking for designer dresses dancing. Shopping online is easy and fun, but the only drawback is that you can try on the dress right away and see if you agree or not. Although the Internet has a great collection and make sure you have great time with you before asking and verify the cancellation policy, etc. Some online retailers offer free shipping which can be saving money to see if the store offers free shipping or no. If you are looking for an auction site like, so it's best to read the seller or comment on buyers before buying. Buying prom dresses online is a good option if you have tried all this already.

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Evening Dress Trends 2011

Although summer has not even started yet, already full of catwalks models ready for the autumn / winter 2011 season, and some new and interesting trends in the evening gown.

There are many new fashion trends that in the event that excited about the colder months, even if you're not waiting for the weather. Here are some of the best:

Sheer - We do not see through, but the dresses are pure one of the biggest trends for 2011. By pure we mean layer upon layer of pure materials such as taffeta, lace and chiffon. This gives a sensual feeling to your outfit without being overtly sexy.

Lovely Lace - We saw a lot of lace on the last few months and it's not like some places. There are different types of lace that you see - first, the fine, small design that is used to detail and the second is the larger, coarser type of lace design that is used for large surfaces, like lace dresses. The lace is made of the effect of the Queen of the snows of winter mixed with the white fur (fake, of course) for a luxurious feel.

Glittering gold - gold can sometimes be seen as the next season of bad taste, but it is great. Accessories gold sequins, shiny black background has the look of autumn / winter season. Beware of leggings and gold bars threaded with gold and baroque motifs.

Draping and ruffles - Greek style draped up to the winter months, perfect for a super feminine look. We will also see a continuation of headlines throughout the season, which is particularly prevalent in evening gowns.

So, what colors you can expect to see hit the city? The primary colors are black, naked, and scarlet and white in winter, creating a feeling of celebration and natural

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The Dress As Your Body Type

Every woman has the right to be loved and feel appreciated, but it is not possible for all women. To get the recognition that one must first understand your body type and dress accordingly, as each dress is not for everyone.

Each woman has her own body shape and should dress for, and if that fails, you may land in trouble when your expensive and beautiful dress can not give you the desired compliments. Wondering what happened, but fails to analyze what happened exactly.

This article discusses the different types of female body type and provides advice to dress for the conformation varied in order to remain trendy and stylish all the time. Furthermore, it will also help you with a style statement.

Hourglass body

- Hourglass body type has a great body accompanied by forms of government shoulders, thin waist line, and an attractive / hitting the sides.

Dressing Tips

- While it is always good dressing to show their strengths and focus on clothing from the waist fitted, straight skirts, etc. You can also opt for waist belt and small reconstructed clothes that emphasize her curves body as desired.

Apple Body Type

- Body Type Apple is holding a fascinating and beautiful legs look slender arms and legs as well as some extent with your belly and ribs to give a little 'latitude for your body.

Dressing Tips
- Wear loose clothing to cover your waistline. You should be careful to wear off your legs and arms, try to wear short sleeves and skirts to the knee as much as possible. Avoid wearing tight tops and short fitted clothes because they will make you look fat.

Lamp Trolley

- This is the ideal body type just had a look with the feminine ideal of the thin line, ribs and shoulders with a narrow line of women of the hip.

Tips for dressing

- Dresses, skirts as online, skirts, or fabric belt around the waist, which emphasizes their waist, which allows you to balance your lower body. You can also go into a large colorful clothes, but when they choose to do so will give you a detailed life.

Body type pen

-The type of body sizes that are accompanied by narrow shoulders and a straight line from the hip. These people of the body tend to be thin.

Tips for dressing

- You should always go for clothes that allow you to get a sinuous. So while choosing the clothes to go to those who will provide details around the bust and hips, like skirts, belted dress puffy sleeves, etc.

Athletic Body Type

This body type is supposed to be a fit body consisting of broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs, with a uniformly flat stomach level.

Tips for dressing
- Opt for clothing or fabrics stretch equipped. You can also opt for the knee skirts, clothing, cakes, etc sleeves give a feminine body type a detailed view.

Wagon Short

Soon the body is a constructed type below the average for women. If you have a brief loss of self-esteem and low sensitivity, you're perfect as you are.

Tips for dressing
- Wear clothing that gives you an extended look after the former vertical stripes of solid colors, etc. Do not wear clothes that give you just prefer to look short and fat. Equipped with a clothing empire waist are just perfect for you.

Grand Wagon
- Long body type is to take a type of body longer than the average for women. They could be any of the above types of body that varies from one individual to another.

Tips for dressing

- Wear clothing that gives you a break up the figure. You can also wear to have belts or bands along the waist line to get the desired effect. Prefer to go for the reasons for clothing simple and just gives a look at female desire.

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How To Choose Clothes That Make You Look Thinner

If you are overweight, and choose the right clothes is very important to look thin. Every woman wants to look beautiful day, thinner days and therefore 90% of women develop the habit of looking at the scale that weighs almost daily.

Most women prefer to go to the gym, rigorous exercise running on treadmills for hours and women prefer to starve to reduce their meals to nearly zero (which is very harmful to the health of women), but there are times when we wondered if these routines are currently working on?

Dieting may or may not help you lose weight but make you weak from inside. Have you ever wondered what the women's clothing can be easily modified according to body shape and structure make you look slim and fashionable.

A slight change in your wardrobe can help you strategically plan to look thinner without losing those extra kilos.

Tips for choosing clothes that make you thin

Here are some tips on how to choose clothes that make you look slim:

* - Avoid color scheme - Try using a colored cloth as much as possible to give a slimmer look and more.

* - Use black - black color gives your body shape that defines a look that makes him look thinner hide these extra points of fat.

* - Stopping Loose - Loose clothing can not fool all the people and can not hide its excess fat, make you look bigger and outdated. So try to use equipment.

* - Use vertical stripes - Avoid wearing horizontal stripes, as they will make you look fat and bulky, yes, wear vertical stripes longer and thinner.

* - Avoid wearing tight clothing - tight clothing further away from their bad fat that is easily visible. Moreover, too tight pants are not friendly.

* - Avoid adding extra at the waist - extra material around your waist as a belt, pleated trousers, elastic waist or the size of the chain only will add weight around your waist that looks fat, avoid if possible.

* - Extend your body - Wear long pants that cover your shoes to look taller and thinner.

* - Hips coverage heavy - Use a small, padded clothing, sweaters, to reach or cover the hips, jacket, shirt, sweater dresses, etc. to give yourself a slimmer look. You can also try a combination of lighter upper body, and dark stockings. Avoid the use of an umbrella, apron, and cuts, because they make you look fat, if possible, on a bus.

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Body Art Smart To Stay Trendy

Body Art helps define a style statement as it gives freedom to decorate, embellish or change your body permanently or temporarily. Body art is art made on, with or consisting of the human body. The most common forms of body art are tattoos and piercings, but other types include scarification, branding, scalpelling, molds (eg, tight lacing of corsets), full body tattoo and paint body.

Body Painting
Body painting is the oldest art form. Body painting is a temporary form of art is the human body, lasting a few hours or maybe a few days and can be removed easily and cheaply. The paints used in painting the body are not toxic and non-allergenic. Not just body paint naked body paint, but also into small pieces that are called tattoos. Tattoos can be detailed or just a little paint. Today body painting is huge in the sands of enthusiasts and professionals. Paintwork in general, can be considered sometimes as football matches, rave parties and certain holidays (for example, Deeepwali Mehndi in India). First a general view that black color is followed by a fill color you want, and then the ear, the jewels to their liking are used to decorate the beautiful piece of work.
A tattoo or tattoos

Today, tattooing is the latest trend and the most common among young people. Tattoo can be done either temporarily or permanently. A temporary tattoos are available in the form of stickers that can be applied directly to water, while the permanent tattoo pigments are injected into the body through injection. Sterilized instruments and bio = risk containers should be used in order to avoid any kind of allergic reactions and infections.
Common Tattoos

Resolution on tattoos is easy if you pay attention to different types of tattoos available, and the model that suits you. So just do not rush! Take time to know and understand the art of tattooing and extremely important, not only go after what is developing, but go after what you later. Here are some tattoos:

* - Zodiac Tattoos - These are the astrological tattoo designs, available in twelve different zodiac signs. Each zodiac is based on the time and date of birth and shows some specific features of a person.

* - Tribal tattoos - these tattoos are showing some early tribal cultures. The most common tribal tattoos consist of sharp edges around the body. These are usually sharp, thick and twisted.

* - Celtic Tattoos - Celtic tattoo design is often made of nodes, which will be known as the Celtic culture. Celtic tattoos are often in the form of a Celtic cross, Celtic, and hearts of many Celtic tattoo designs. Much of this art, a symbol of the old culture.

Mistakes to avoid tattoo
* - Even if the tattoo sure you have not consumed any alcohol, because alcohol causes the tattoo to come out of evil, and you can not bleed a lot.

* - While the tattoo is not trying to be impulsive or arbitrary, since the tattoo is the current trend, but can lead to shame that after a while, or when they are older.

* - Always keep the entire tattoo and body part before the whole tattoo, as the wrong size can seem tired.

Side Effects of Body Art

* - The sanitation and poor sterilization of needles tattoo parlor can lead to infections.

* - The formation of keloids - Most people who wear tattoos informed keloid formation, when the scars grow beyond its borders.

* - The tattoo ink sometimes is not marked with the manufacturers and the machine is made by mixing paint or printing ink and cause allergies.

* - A risk of disease transmission remain as is done with injections and the slightest mistake can transmit diseases like hepatitis B, HIV, etc.

These side effects are the only news to listen to different people. Genaral pralors tattoos are safe and well, and their strict sanitation and sterilization. So all you girls, and do not worry! Just check the room clean, and be very careful when choosing your palace tattoo.

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