NY Fashion Week 2011: Winter Luca Luca Fall


Raul Melgoza, creative director at Luca Luca, including 2011 Fall / Winter debuted at New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center with designs that were inspired by the adventures of discovery in the woods, the deep beauty of color, fantasy. A group of mannequins sitting in the row before the show, Carol Alt and Petra Nemcova, Irina Pantaeva (see photo gallery below). Worldly New York were also present, including Tinsley Mortimer and Valesca Guerrand-Hermes.
Carol Alt Luxist spoke about his dedication to the fashion house. "When I was outside the fashion industry because I was doing films for 10 years and I was not really around them was immediately invited back to the forefront," says Carol Alt. "They were real mensch. When someone is good for me, I am faithful to the rest of my life. You really have to slap my face for me not to come back here. "

Luxist Melgoza said his inspiration for the Fall 2011 collection is the story of a woman who is running through the woods, as he discovers the color, beauty and reason, that there is a forest. The collection was presented at fashion week on Thursday, February 10 at Lincoln Center in New York. (Watch a video interview with the back of the room Melgoza).

"When he begins his journey, he is a good cut, the equestrian-inspired silhouettes," said Luxist. "He wears a lot of boxes and an open and clean the fabric as if it were to lose much layered as if his journey ends.

Range of daily wear is a multi-layered, custom-made pieces as well as furs, wool and silk, Melgoza said. "I wanted to keep his story in such a way that, under the layers of soft chiffon flowy" he says. "I wanted to include a lot of different weights and lots of color, as opposed to remain in the dark and heavier than what you usually think of autumn."

The designer believes that customers want to use color in the fall. "Everyone is a little more optimistic about the economy, so I wanted to highlight the color in what is usually a darker time," he said.

Melgoza began to draw on the equipment used by pilots. "I've extended that to be creative," he said. "I imagined a woman riding her horse through the forest. But what we are looking for? So I took a trip. I spread the experience of being in the woods. The woman I had in mind is undoubtedly an adventurer . She is a strong woman who is very confident, yet very feminine. "

Signature Luca Luca brand name and aesthetics Melgoza staff is to create clothes that are not in a while. "And 'well-designed, and has a long duration," he says. "It 'an elegant, but in general it is always a classical base to it."

The Fall 2011 collection has a lot of lace, says the designer. "I had the idea of ​​a meta-morphing lace print brocade or lace," he said. "So it's maximum density. The idea of ​​imitating your trip. While traveling through the woods, manufacturing is a dense brocade lace is almost perpendicular."

Skins of the collection is alpaca and fox and mink. "There will be plenty of leather and suede, and it is important to a lot of texture," said Melgoza.

There are a lot of prints and textures, but the colors chosen Melgoza, olives, burnt sienna, caramel, gray, and some country fuscias mixed with neutral tones and the entire collection.

While Luca Luca general have long had a reputation for being worn by celebrities on the red carpet for special occasions, the desire is to Melgoza expand the scope. "I want to push the idea of ​​sportswear that can go from day to night," he explains. "My signature is better suited, more sculpted silhouette, but still feminine."

Luca Luca customers can expect to see more versatility with songs that can be dressed up or down easily, he said.

Luca Luca distributes its own line of boutiques in New York Madison Avenue, Oak Street in Chicago, Palm Beach, Worth Avenue, and Bal Harbour Shops in Miami. Also, Luca Luca can be found all over the world in specialty shops and selected Neiman Marcus stores in the U.S.

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