Lady Gaga Fashion Show

Occur fashion freaky and amazing colors for good stage with Lady Gaga is just banged his debut catwalk of Paris Fashion Week 2011, and did the catwalk for Thierry Mugler ready-to-wear Fall 2011 collection.

Fashion designer Thierry Mugler collection at Paris Fashion Week 2011 seemed to be an insinuation of the aesthetics of Lady Gaga grotesquely on the screen with all the wild prints, patterns lean animals, witches, sexy attire and clean everything was very crazy, and so named Lady Gaga Fashion Show all crazy creations and imaginative designs.

Managing the art of seduction in the way of the track, show incriminating Thierry Mugler Fashion Show Lady Gaga lights shone in the appalling faded to give a ghostly effect of the mysterious night. Witchy looking models dressed as Lady Gaga clones appeared in latex pants, pure body knit dresses, furs and pieces of sculpture portable shoulder Vollenga Mugler Rein.

Lady Gaga has been music director Thierry Mugler new Sandwell-porter in Paris and see a new track Born This Way, accents pop industry "government Hooker" and "Scheibe" along with his fantastic track starts to walk the fashion designer Thierry Mugler. Gaga nails long and sharp needles, with matte black Minx Minx nails embellished with legendary stylist Marian Newman and animal claws like a cat nail art and all the fashion models as.

Stadium rock star Lady Gaga Mugler fashion strutted the runway in the shadows just a black blouse, black bra and skirt with a pencil with a long history of pork, like a hat and a beret, smoking a cigarette and a sliding furiously along the column. Then he closed the show with a white dress, sky high platforms.

The resulting collection was designed by Lady Gaga Mugler designer and creative director Nicola Formichetti. In addition, the emotion was drama all the way sex with a model that is afraid of his chest with his awful expressions, such as Lady Gaga, like gothic eye makeup has created a crazy effect on Lady Gaga Fashion Show fashion Paris weeks

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