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Until a few decades ago, the trend of women get tattoos had not yet become very popular. However, in recent decades, more and more women have tattoos for tattoos on the arms, lower back and a sexy, female ankle tattoos .. This has led to the creation of designs that are primarily known as tattoo designs for women. Taking into account that the woman's physical structure is probably less than men and women tend to prefer the delicate patterns, unlike the heavy macho friends, female tattoo designs tend to be small, sensitive and sexy.

There are many places for a tattoo sexy female. But a certain place was favorite for years. Do not be surprised to discover that I think the ankle. An ankle tattoo is a great way to celebrate the end of what many consider one of the sexiest female body parts. They draw attention to the legs and highlight the delicate bones of the ankle.

Another reason why this place is favored by women and men can not share with them. For men, reaching an ankle tattoo is usually an extension of a large tattoo on his leg. Otherwise, it is totally useless for men to get a tattoo on her ankle because it is more likely to be hidden by shoes and socks most of their lives.

On the other hand, women can show off a tattoo on their ankle if they wish. Particularly high heels, sexy female ankle tattoos can look very dramatic. On the other hand, the ankle tattoo is also very easy to hide. When women do not want to look like ankle tattoos, mostly for professional reasons, they can simply select a pair of pants or socks and shoes

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