Amsterdam International Fashion Week Fall Winter 2011

A calm breeze of new designers on AIFW 2011 includes Lhana Marlet and Marije De Haan. Their collections are calm he also brought a sense of escape. MDH, despite his young age, has the ability to combine styles in a peaceful manner. For example, along the 90 skater pants college with Moroccan dress.

Themes of inspiration are quite distant, even if each piece has to agree with each other. It can be a free form and soft colors that communicate individual's desire to dream.

Further evidence of this trend has been spotted in the exposure of transcripts of the LM dreamlike world of fashion. In particular, models that gave the impression that you should be on the floor and watch the sky. In addition, the hair was wild, but limited, as if you wake up just after sleep. They are signs of a desire to be free of worries, noise, and the reality.

Evasion, the new boyfriend of fashion, seen in the streets too. In AIFW, many fashion designers brought their latest collections to show and has become the latest fashion trends. Also, check out this man, he comes with a silk handkerchief and hiking boots. A few years ago, only men of metal hard rock that was fine with the hair on the face. Today more and more men are not afraid to have a beard. It's really a sign of relaxation. Hail amazing and unexpected combination of escape!

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