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Here is a preview of Austrian-born designer Peter Pilotto's A/W 2012-13 who is London based.  He uses amazing prints combined with soft sculptural styles to create a beautiful collection. Go to Vogue British, to see the entire collection.

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My nephew Eric aka DJ Erock, my oldest brother's son owns countless of Air Jordans. Too many to mention but I always know what his latest purchases are thru his FB posts.  Makes me wonder where he stores them all, so next time when I visit him I'll have to see.... [smiles] he has the same guilty pleasures as me, in that we both love SHOES!

I couldn't resist reposting his FB post yesterday of some the original Air Jordan XI sketches from genius Tinker Hatfield. Isn't it amazing how much thought, detail and process goes into designing these shoes from the genius himself.

To read and view more on Tinker Hatfield's original Air Jordan XI sketches, go nicekicks.com and complex.com.

Here is my nephew DJ Erock with Pitbull, Pete Wentz and Selena Gomez at one of his function with San Francisco's radio station 99.7. If you are ever in town you can check him out at the Infusion Lounge in SF and also in Las Vegas at the Haze Nightclub

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The international contest for young designers Un Talento per la Scarpa (A Talent for Shoes) is promoted by Sammauroindustria, the association that connects the main footwear businessmen of San Mauro Pascoli (Casadei,PolliniSergio RossiVicini) in collaboration with Confindustria (the Italian Employers Federation) of Forlì-Cesena.

For this edition, the subject is Melting Shoes, intercultural contaminations, and the young designers attending are invited to create an outline of a shoe, together with stylistic researches and mixes of images, to be sent before February 29th, 2012.

Participation is free, and only for young people born after December 31st, 1980; those who attend design, art or fashion schools can instead participate with no limit of age.

The prize is an internship of three and a half months at Cercal, the Shoes International School, and a six-months internship at one of the four footwear companies that are connected with Sammauroindustria. During this period, the competition winner will receive a fund of 6.000 euro.
Break a leg!

To learn more go to www.cercal.org

Info: Sammauroindustria, San Mauro Pascoli (FC) tel. 0541.932965; e-mail: cercal@cercal.org

Editorial courtesy of Vogue Italia
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COLOR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL is a color resource provider for color inspirations and tools, go here to learn more.  In partnership with FASHION SNOOPS, an online global forecasting service and consulting company, here is their S/S 2013 runway color direction for the season...to also see their men's color direction, go here.

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How to Buy Mens Overcoat- Some Tips!

With winters in full swing, men too need to have proper winter clothing to protect themselves. A men's overcoat is the best winter clothing for those places which experience extreme cold. However, the right selection of mens overcoat can only ensure a warm protection. Lets get some tips on how to buy mens overcoat!

  • Length of mens overcoat can be found in two variations- full and three-fourth of full length. A full mens overcoat looks better on men, particularly older or taller men.
  • Younger men, however, look better in an overcoat with ¾ length. These types of mens overcoat can reach anywhere in the range of the wearer's knee and trousers' pockets.
  • There are basically two styles or designs in mens overcoats- single breasted coats and double breasted coats. Single breasted coats are the classic ones and can be worn without thinking about the fashion of the day!
  • The double breasted overcoats cater to the needs of young generation who want to wear trendy clothes.
  • Overcoats with belt should be preferred mostly by those men who are very slim.
  • The classic colors of overcoats for men include such colors as black, charcoal and navy blue and can be worn as formal wear too. However, young people can choose other trendy colors too but then they depend upon the seasonal demands and might not be worn after a couple of years.
  • Mens overcoats are generally made with wool and cashmere though other fabrics are not very uncommon. Cashmere overcoats are warmer and better looking but a little expensive than the wool overcoats. Those who can't afford to spend much on cashmere coats can always buy overcoats made of a blend of wool and cashmere!
  • When buying overcoat, men should try it by wearing over a sweater or jacket to get the perfect fit. When trying in this manner, the overcoat should feel comfortable and should not restrict the wearer's movement.
  • Enough and big pockets should be there in a men's overcoat. They give style and functionality to the garment.
  • Check for any lining defects like exposed linings, loose threads and loose buttons when buying a quality overcoat.
  • It is always better to buy classic designs and colors of overcoats because they cost a lot and one cannot buy them in every season. If more trendy overcoat is bought then it might lay closed in cupboard once the fashion becomes outdated.
  • If someone does not get satisfied while buying a ready made overcoat regarding its fit and comfort, it is always better to get a custom tailor made overcoat.

Know more about Mens Overcoat- the types, styles, colors and fabrics before you buy a mens overcoat. Read Mens Overcoat
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