Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week In Russia 2011/2012

The big fashion week in Eastern Europe, Russian Fashion Week has obtained sponsorship three years from Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011/2012 Russia is the event key fashion begins in Moscow, Russia from March 31, 2011 and ends April 5, 2011. MBFWR be one of the major fashion weeks around the world. The new name of the Russian Fashion Week will be the 2011 / 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Russia for the next three years. Instead of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia 2011/2012 is set at the Convention Centre, World Trade Center in Moscow, Russia. This fashion event will be held in Moscow from the past 10 years, in April and October.

Russian Fashion Week (RFW) is a forum where many new designers and a successful fashion design label showcase their creations, colors and patterns of contemporary fashion. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week sponsored by the Great in the capital famous worldwide. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, promoted by fashion in New York, Berlin, and now Russia. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011/2012, Russia has an international fashion designers of the Russian fashion. This majestic fashion week will take place in support of the Russian fashion, and to present the Russian designers around the world. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Russia 2011/2012 is to capture the interest in fashion in Russia and in the international world, as the Russian Fashion Week has been the title sponsorship of the "Mercedes Benz", starting this year.

Moscow Fashion has become an important center of Europe due to partnerships between Milan, London, Athens, Beijing, and modes of Lisbon. In addition to the Fashion Week in Russia (RFW), now notched Russia Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011/2012 (MBFWR 2011), has become so business-critical Soviet republics, providing opportunities for talented fashion designers Belarus, Ukraine and other countries of that republic, which will showcase the latest creations and collections at Fashion Week in Russia (RFW) in Moscow. RFW Mercedes Benz is an opportunity for the fashion industry of Russia to present the talent of fashion design for young people in the world of modern life.

The fashion week's most influential in the world, given the giant manufacturer of attention Mercedes Benz. Russian fashion is on the way to the success of the mode that takes over as Russian Fashion Week Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia 2011/2012. German Mercedes Benz of support is the key to the international fashion calendar and ultimately the global market for high fashion. Mercedes-Benz is to communicate to the luxury class by supporting the business's most influential fashion and Russian Fashion Week in Moscow.

Designerz Central has a long association with Mercedes Benz, and now it is connected to the Russian Fashion Week, the fashion in Moscow will be covered online for fashion lovers await new mode of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia 2011/2012. Central Designerz covers Fashion Week held throughout the world. Most of these cases parades of fashion have been published with comments and complete collections for the people of fashion-thirsty. Designerz Central is a subsidiary of top designers, and the library to maintain international fashion designers around the world. Fashion Weeks held in Milan, Paris and London were widely covered, and now moves to the new mode of Russia on the latest cars which strategic partner for Mercedes Benz.

Now the Russian Fashion Week (RFW) is sitting on the bench by Mercedes-Benz in New York and Berlin. Designerz Central is an online platform to cover the major fashion events like the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia 2011/2012. Mercedes-Benz, the luxury class in Russia is a growing market, so hotness of the latest fashions will be more than ever before. Moscow will be the favorite meeting place in the coming years as it has occupied space in the heart of Mercedes Benz and Central Designerz cover this magnanimous fashion week in Moscow.

The next generation of Russian fashion, and cars are visible in Central Designerz integrate the international fashion market on the Internet. Designerz Central is proud to participate in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011/2012, Russia, the world of fashion, which is a community of global fashion. Russian fashion is entering a development and recognition from this year onwards. Russian Fashion Week will be one of the most important fashion weeks around the world very soon. Russian Fashion Week has confirmed a giant manufacturer of the engine, "Mercedes Benz" between the development of fashion and automotive markets in Eastern Europe. Central Designerz covers acute wisdom of fashion and style of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week fashion show 2011/2012 by Russia on Thursday.

Participation in the Great designers like Vivienne Westwood, Jeremy Scott, JC de Castelbajac made a legend of Russian Fashion Week features a list of fashion weeks around the world. Store just to breathe, and wait for the latest trends and fashion collections occur Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011/2012 Russia very soon. The opening of this fashion week is about to break big day at the World Trade Center in Moscow, Russia.

Fashion designers present their collections Autumn-Winter 2011/2012, the models wearing the latest creations on the catwalk at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011/2012 Russia set for next week. Salva Zaitsev Fashion House will incept fashion shows this Fashion Week. Other designers participating in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia 2011/2012 list below Ndombi Stella, St. Bessarion, Oleg Biryukov, Poustovit, Tatiana Parfionova, Julia Nikolaeva, Yegor Zaitsev, Samoschenko Olga, Elena Tsokalenko and three British designers James Long, Louise gray and Marios Schwab.

Fashion Week next in Russia will be held in October for Spring Summer 2011/2012 collections. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia 2011/2012 will be the big "invitation only" fashion event held in Moscow for the new fashion season. IMG Fashion is commercially Fashion Week this majestic representative of Russia. Lulu Kennedy, the founder of Fashion East will visit the 2011/2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Russia.

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