Recent Highlights: Fashion Week Cleveland 2011

Fashion Week Cleveland (FWC) exists to inform consumers and industry leaders about the importance of cultural and economic importance of fashion design, production, sales and marketing. In addition, the traditional parade and creative.

FWC includes exhibits, films, industrial visits, seminars and workshops in collaboration with a diverse group of cultural institutions. Education partners include Western society's Historical Reserve - Chisholm Halle Costume Wing, the Cleveland Clinic Hospital for Children, Cleveland Public Library, Cuyahoga County Public Library, Cleveland Grand Sport Commission, Hard Rock Cafe Historical Collection suits , Kent State University Museum and the National Aeronautics and Space. The center of the fashion week in Cleveland are educational programs on topics of fashion design, merchandising, manufacturing, education, consumerism and lower growth. This deepening of the strategic vision of the 2011 Fashion Week Cleveland is the Fashion Week Cleveland absolutely unique and truly innovative in the list of fashion weeks held in high fashion and captials think those who sponsor and collaborate with FWC you to share our success.

These leading organizations to join the fashion week in Cleveland to raise awareness and support for rich past and promising future of our city in the American fashion. They recognize that our city is one of the museums and educational institutions is a big lake.

Fashion Week Cleveland, "Fashion Week in Education," is an annual conference and the first week of May

Cleveland, Ohio.

Fashion Week Cleveland

Expand cultural programs
Who says Ohio is not the style? Certainly no one who attended the fashion week in Cleveland, a regional phenomenon, which has become the third country fashion weeks in New York and Los Angeles. In 2003, Donald Shingler, cosmetic dentist, and a long-term native of Cleveland, a week of events highlight the area in the spring grass of a community fashion. FWC hopes to double the number of programs next year. FWC includes seminars, parties, lectures and films on educating the public about the complexities of fashion, events and other cultural institutions around the city. Celebrations end of the parade on the last day of a week in which to highlight emerging local designers and their creations. This year, 14 designers - a student and professional - showed the number of nearly 400, said James Harris, managing director and partner of FWC H / L Communications, which represents an event.

The week included 12 events and programs of more than eight days, with a conference on children's fashion at the Western Reserve Historical Society, a seminar on Japanese fashion at the Cleveland Botanical Garden and a celebration of fashion to music to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Next year, FWC plans to include another fashion show large-scale shows the trunk several shop, a film series performing arts, music and theater, a revamped website, and scores of educational, cultural and merchandising. "We expect to increase our areas for partnership and a menu with restaurant and hotel packages for participants," Harris reported. "Fashion is not just high fashion," said shingles. "There elements of fashion in sports, business, cultural institutions. So if you develop what the word means, you can start by including events in various institutions and other places around the city. "

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