Catwalk Report Fashion Week Cape Town


Reports from the Fashion Week in Cape Town, which ended in July show the brightness of the designers in South Africa. Clothing bold, sexy and exciting.


Without doubt, South Africa and Nigeria-150000000 trendy people who love to have brought to Africa in the fashion world. So much so that South Africa is now the target of international designers.

The dynamics of the fashion industry an added value for the South African economy. It is difficult to understand why Nigeria, with a population of magnet has not been used enthusiastically this money making industry. Then, enjoy relationships podium Cap 2011 weeks.

Danielle MARGAUX

Inspired by the 1950 Margaux Danielle silhouettes were clean and organized, ready for collection a classic feel, reminiscent of Parisian life. Its range included a curved pants, shirt-dresses, wraps, blazers and lingerie.

Most of her evening had shoulder lower back. Interest was introduced as frilling bone in the back and shoulders of several parts.


Menswear on a preppy trend indicator, which has taken the international market by storm. Blazer and Trousers models ranged from fabrics in checks, plaids and solid colors to subtle pastel accents.

Adaptation of movement was observed in pockets, jackets with colored squares, curves and folds, knee-length shorts silhouettes low cost, and the hems of pants that fit distance of two thin folds of touching the ankle.

Visited women's clothing silhouettes and hipster pants loose, dress pants, flowing robes maxi summer dresses empire waist-line chiffon blouses with ruffles on the sleeves coat, bow tie-like soft collars and costumes exceptionally well suited


The choice of cotton this season was especially silk, chiffon, silk, viscose and lycra bound. The house is still beautiful prints reference the coast of Kenya.

Primary colors the entire collection was in black and white, some examples of blue, red, lime green and yellow, less bright tone than the previous year.

High waist and shoulder straps interlacing or plain, a recurring theme through a series of shows. As a whole collection was strong, but a safe and a silhouette similar to previous seasons. Regardless, Lalesso new range will prove a great success.


The clothes were made by using lightweight fabrics cut and sewn, Oriel described as "easy to rip" the technique of extraction is seen in a range of clothing. The Vintage distressed look was unequivocal in the collection.

Pure gauze is used for a range of fitted blouses and flowing robes. Some of the materials of choice for Barnard include feathers and leather, which it considers to reinforce the theme "rock" of the firm.

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