Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2011/2012

The 2011 / 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will be held in New York, September 8-15, 2011. It is a beautiful apartment, where dozens of fabulous designers present their collections on the ramp for next spring / summer. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011/2012 show cased at the Lincoln Center.

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2011/2012 IMG is an event with Mercedes Benz and Olympus offer sponsorship. Other brands of MEGA will also sponsor this great event a success.

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week 2011/2012 is expected to live with the teamwork of thousands of people around the world, including designers, makeup artists, hair experts, backstage management, event management, which will provide accommodation and seating for the participants. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is scheduled for more than 100,000 people attended, and even more would watch this mega-event on their televisions. The whole event is the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011/2012 will be covered by thousands of newspapers around the world. Event handlers have prepared a special release for the event.

Many people are offered opportunities to volunteer to help make it happen. Many of the students of fashion schools and other emerging designers, artists, models and photographers who work in an event volunteer. This helps them to learn a lot of their professions. They get the opportunity to meet famous people and learn from their experiences. Many of the Start-up fashion house to expect any career at the event.

The timing of the event will be posted shortly on the official website of the Fashion Week Mercedes Benz, showing line of events and designers present their collections on the ramp. The mega event is planned to include opening ceremonies, fashion shows, after the party after the event.

Famous designers like Donna Karan, Diane Von Furstenberg, Vera Wang, Badgley Mishka and Marc Jacobs are expected to present their collections at the event. The famous fashion houses like Prada, Dior and Gucci are also expected to present their collections to come.

We look forward to seeing a lot of style, texture and full of color and design based on different themes. Some exotic collections will capture the attention of the audience will be shown on the ramp. This event will be much talk about long after the event and fashion magazines will be filled with photos and articles on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011/2012.

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