Wedding Makeup Tips For East Asian

Hong Kong brides like to keep the natural look and light, especially during the day.

The look is very soft and feminine, and rarely see in the dark, smoky colors and strong lines in the eye. Instead, very soft, shimmering pastels are used. Some of the colors really bring out brown eyes are pink, lavender, Minty Green, blue and silver. Long lasting eyeliner, eyelash curler and waterproof mascara is a must. You can also use false eyelashes the day, but be sure to choose a couple that prolonging without being too over the top. Lining your lower lashes with a pencil off-white/beige also makes your eyes pop.

Create a healthy color is spotted as a man on the left, Janice, try colors like pink and soft peach. Great smile and applied directly to the apples to create a cute puppet.

When you select a lipstick, you can never go wrong with medium pink, or peach.

When the sun goes down, turn up the heat by using darker colors, or adding multiple reflections.

Looking smoked made with purple and gray as one of the model Kathy Chow on the right, is infallible. The key to using purple eye shadows without seeing is proposed to use either a brown / charcoal to create depth. All is mixed well and draw a thin line along your upper lashes with black liquid liner. Switch to pair a little more fake boobs if you want. Remember to highlight the area just under your brow bone and inner corners.

With eye makeup slightly heavier, use an eye shadow a bit darker and lipstick to avoid looking too mod.

If you opt for a traditional marriage, and bear a qi pao, you have to do your makeup differently.

Stick with warm colors such as bronze, gold or orange eyes. Line your eyes and black liquid coating off the wing to the outer corner. Apply blush with warm colors such as apricot and peach, red lips and finish watching the knock-them-dead

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