Watch Cynthia Rowley Renovated Book

Cynthia Rowley likes to think that the experimental station of "fun" season, where you can take all your ideas and "proof" that the safety net between the two. Last year, the season of the designer's collection directly to the editor through a collection point, and this season I wanted to give clothes a little more, uh, movement. By partnering with the movement of the graph Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader Reed + Rader, Rowley began a stop animation lookbook today. The collection, which was inspired by Josh Smith painting life-size dinosaurs (now on display at the Foundation study Brant Art Center), has strong colors such as turquoise, light yellow, red and shiny, more "prehistoric footprints floral" vertebrae with reptiles in the center of the flowers. "The colors [this work] is just amazing and I love the idea of ​​experimenting with the scale," said Rowley, who was in obvious fang necklaces larger than life size and grip pads.

"These pills are dinosaurs, well!" However, the clothes are most suitable for a woman, but equally enthusiastic, with flowing palazzo pants, skirts and wide sleeves bat form a relaxed silhouette.

Smith is an is-Boy in the art world at this time: Shown in the Venice Biennale and is currently featured on the cover of the magazine Artforum. "I love Josh, which is like the perfect geek boy / bad," said Rowley. However, the result of his influence, if not all of the hip. "We were in SWAT, as Brant to shoot the [Animation] needed for the project. There were only a couple of hours in front of the painting," said Rowley, newly elected background to the collection. "In the end, add music was too stupid. This is not a video, just a new way to display your clothes." Look at the lookbook previous animation exclusively
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