Front Row: When Did You Fall In Love With Fashion

Wyclef Jean: When I met him here (pointing to his elegantly dressed wife, Jeannette Claudi)

Jennifer Love Hewitt:
When I was seven, after seeing Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Lynn Collins: When I was four, my mother was cleaning the house, and she saw me down the stairs more than 30 times each in a different outfit. My apartment is a large closet.

Tika Sumpter: In college or high school, I always tried to look at fashion magazines.

Sophia Bush: As a child, I sat in my mother's closet on the floor, looking dress. It all seemed so glamorous and effortless, even when wearing jeans and a shirt. I was seduced by fashion and realized he had a form suitable for every occasion.

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