Fashion In Chennai

, The tentacles of summer slowly holding the city under control moisture. Plans are in full growth (for those who can afford to take off) to warm the signal from the colder climates. The headlines announced the possibility of severe water shortages in summer, making it the same way that the displacement of Chennai begins.

April anticipate the new year for Tamil. Tamil families have a distinctive festive air, and the traditional identification of the intricate kolams front of the house, and the main entrance door is decorated with green vines interspersed with leaves of mango yellow chrysanthemums. The inevitable incorrigible household demand is, of course, always be what I wear today?
There have been over the past two years, a drastic change in the habits of the typical traditional attire is Chennai. When each of the past called for a new festival of Sari and blouse for women, is now an alternative to everyday life Salwar-kameez or even jeans versatile. However, it is something deliciously attractive woman in traditional rituals of South India, knuckles down. Fresh, bathrooms dawn, with the subtle scent of sandalwood paste and jasmine lingering on her skin, she knot a towel around your head to support her wet hair and the Dons new clothes before the beginning of Puja. When she rubs her long braids, she is preparing the network for more than a sprinkling burning coal sambrani (license). He covers the trash on the ground, his head, her hair spread over the whole body, so the sweet smoke penetrates the hair, dry it gently is a modern hair will never be.

It is a moment stopped in pure luxury, as she closes her eyes to relax before the storm takes over. Smell even more gently, she ties her hair in a loose knot to begin whirlwind of rituals that are in effect social events for the family and society.
To return to the yen without traditional clothing, stores in Chennai has never been so good. Saris are relegated to the background, to be published only in religious ceremonies and weddings. All salwar-kameez-dupatta is here to stay, judging by the many small shops and boutiques that have sprung up in Chennai to cater to the whims of women Chennai. Even the shops, the tradition of Radha Silks and Nalli, which specializes in Pattu sarees Kancheevaram not want to fall behind in the race populations of prêt-à-porter.

We prefer the convenience of the observations of a teeny Bopper. After running all day to get on and off the bus, Salwar is as comfortable as pants, even better. Who wants to use the beat for five and a half inches, and worry if it looks right? The results also Salwar suit high-conventional chic, tubes of another young woman. No one can accuse us of aping the West and wear immodest clothes figurehugging. The market is a traditional and beautiful kameezes matching dupatta when the team is still modest as Sari.
Emboldened and encouraged by her daughters, mothers are often in specialist shops. I intend to do just to bring home a salwar kameez, ventured timidly. It is a matter of getting used to it and, once broken, there is no doubt once again. To the horror of parental disapproval, even grandmothers of young people have excuses ready. You know what happens to young children at home, shabby a salwar is hundred times better than the embarrassment of a sari.
Interestingly, dapper men in suits are tired of the obstructed side and pulled the neck. Even if, on any given night, the Western dress (long sleeved shirt, trousers, jacket) is acceptable, middle-aged men are not opposed to clothing from India, the shy young man taking the tail of them. Waishtis borders cream silk soft small team Zari silk dresses for weddings worth Juba. Tormented by the fear that waishti will slide, choose the kurta pajamas or yongesters Achkan. Why, I'm told that the disco scene in Bombay, which is wonderful to wear kurta dhotis and was associated with life dramatically!
Designed for Indian summers, Indian clothes such as Sari and dhoti allow free movement of air in the name of fashion, but in many cases trade-offs and even squeeze itself into the tightest clothes, if they are well cut and intelligent. With a hand loom, once again forced to the forefront of fashion, which would change the world of fashion, perhaps tailored to the sari and dhoti controls, if they offer the same degree of comfort than other ready-made clothes.

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