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My employer in 2001 and 2002 did not pay me on a consistent basis .. I was paid every three months during my time in the bank. I have the W2 the performance of these two years, which shows the average income of only 29KB. But I had valid H1B visa status and approval of my employer, and the letter of employment verification thereof. I am now with a new employer since 2003 and have no problem with them and get paid regurarly. After reading the message Manuba, I am also worried if my I485 is denied every time I ask ... or there are somethings that can take care of before? It's not my fault that the employer does not pay me regularly - right?
A good number of people in this situation it was during these two years.

USCIS if they want to go all the way back the last entry before the state storage of 485 tests (one paycheck per month, w2, etc..) If you do not maintain the status of a cumulative 180 days ago, can be a problem. If you receive an RFE that you must go through a long time to explain and get the space of less than 180 days.

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