Beauty Bride: Would You Get Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, it's one of those blogs I suggest you spend $ 400 on eyelash extensions, but before you start rolling your eyes, listen to me. I was equally skeptical-sounding dramatic semi-permanent eyelash extensions, I started searching, but I like to play the beauty of guinea pig, I decided to take a turn when the Gita Gabriel Salon & Spa invited me to try a number of Xtreme Lashes.

The process involves having a certification "lash stylist" individual synthetic eyelash glue (available in different lengths, thicknesses, colors and curves) directly to your natural lashes one at a time. It takes about two and a half hours total, that sounds brutal, but the time went. In addition, the bonding process was so sweet and Featherlight, I could take a nap if I wanted (your eyes must remain closed at all times). What shocked me most was how the final results are natural, unlike the glue on the strip eyelashes, it was almost impossible to tell Xtreme Lashes were false, and they felt completely in weightlessness. In addition to avoiding water and steam in the first 48 hours, I was able to swim, shower, exercise and sleep properly (and skip the mascara) for six weeks, they have lasted.

Although I miss the lush lashes at a time when they are away, is $ 400 (with refills cost about $ 125), I can not afford to do Xtreme Lashes part of my regular routine. But I believe that everything will fall, "Special occasions are worth" category. What do you think I am nuts, or do you have for your wedding day Xtreme Lashes

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