7 Steps To A Home Made Lip Balm

Find a lip balm good thing I personally struggle with. If you are prone to dry lips, may be able to relate, many products on the market claim to be feeding, but actually feel good for about five minutes before evaporating and leaving the skin is even drier than before. If the battle to find a lip balm of good maintenance, you can try to invent your own. For the course, I've compiled a list of seven steps to a lip balm home.

1. Beeswax

Try to get the wax from the best quality you can find. You should be able to buy blocks of a well-stocked pharmacy, but the stores of health and wellness, so keep. You only need a tablespoon of your lip balm (and if so much), but you will be able to save the rest in an airtight container to always be kept in a cool place. Prepare your wax chop or shred into small pieces, if you bought in sheet form. Place in a microwave-safe bowl.

2. Oil

Lip balm with beeswax to give a thick, pure texture, and also helps to soften the skin and moisture seal. In order to make your home a product manufactured in a more efficient, add a little touch of nutrients, vitamin-packed oil into your bowl microwavable. You might want to go to vitamin E, jojoba, or olive oil: each of these changes will help to keep skin in good condition.

3rd Heat

Bring your oil and wax concoction in the microwave and heat until the mixture is melted. This should not take more than a minute or two, but the time will depend on your set. Be sure to check after a few seconds to ensure that the conditioner does not burn, and give a sensation.

4. Fresh

Once the wax and oil were combined and melted completely, Take the container from the microwave and let cool for several minutes. Only when she began to put in a firm if it continues with the addition of ingredients to come.

5th Honey

For the mixture of wax and hardening of oil, add a little honey - not so much that it interferes with the consistency of their product though. Stir thoroughly. The honey will give your lip balm a pleasant sweet taste and smell, and also provides antibacterial properties of the mixture.

6th Perfume

Add a pinch of your favorite drink flavored extract the balm is almost over and stir well. You can go with vanilla, almond, orange ... the list is literally endless. Try to make sure you do not get the artificial essence has a strong bitter taste that you do not really want to try every time you're licking your lips.

7. Shop
Before your lip balm is completely cooled, place in a suitable container sealed, ready to use. Let stand completely before screwing the lid and burst in your purse.

That concludes my list of seven steps lip balm home-made recipe for a treat as a blue print, and free to add new flavors, fragrances and care products. Some people have essential oils, for example, instead of flavor extracts, and add a little 'of beeswax, lanolin is the beginning. Would you like to make suggestions to add?
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