10 Simple Ways To Prevent Eye Wrinkles

Wrinkles around the eyes are the first sign for many of us as we age.

Offer skin around the eyes requires a careful and sensitive treatment, more than anywhere else in the face because it is so vulnerable to pulling and stretching. Unfortunately, however, is probably part of your face, which may be harder to treatment because of the constant make-up and removing it.

How can we sometimes harsh treatment of the delicate skin of your eyes so that we can apply our makeup, eyebrow wax or break and eliminate all late in the day can do much to contribute to the tension in this area is low.

What's worse, abandonment, sometimes subjected. Do not remove eye makeup at night, lack of sleep, crying, and, of course, do not wear sunglasses or sunglasses inadequate can lead directly to wrinkles and sagging skin, crow's feet and baggy eyes .

If you really want to prevent wrinkles in your eyes you must take the time to follow and very gentle on the skin care system.

So - here are 10 steps of the prevention of eye wrinkles to keep your eyes looking bright, fresh and free crow's feet and saggy eyes as long as possible:

1. Be prepared

It 'all too tempting to rub your skin with your fingers to get rid of some vague shadow or mascara under the eyes. This, however, is so damaging to the delicate skin around the eyes. Instead, he is ready and has a good eye makeup remover on hand, and some Q-tips. Wet the pad with eye makeup remover and use it to remove stains, without pulling or rubbing of the skin.

2. Soft but strong

Get a gentle but effective eye makeup remover.

When the eye makeup remover works as it should not be necessary to rub or pull the skin, wipe off any traces of makeup effortlessly.

3. Do not use waterproof mascara

This is one of the biggest of my personal recommendations.

These masks waterproof day is designed to cling to your eyelashes for all eternity. This is great if you want a perfect make-up on the beach, however, so when you try to eliminate during the night. If you want a makeup that will stay in the sad, even through an emotional film or wedding try a tube of mascara. This is durable and comes without effort.

4th Use the right products

Many facial cleansers are too harsh for the eye area, it will not dissolve the mascara ingredients and may have itchy eyes. Red, weeping eyes, the bags under the eyes and inflammation ensue, and all these will cause injury to your delicate eyes.

Use soft cloths 5th

Use only natural wool pads of cotton, soft eyes, wash skin or pre-moistened wipes Eye Makeup Remover to take your eye makeup - no tissues, washcloths or towels to wipe the surface of the delicate skin of the eyes.

6. Keep wet

Use cotton wool pads soaked in the eye. Dry cotton wool can stick to your eyelashes and get in your eyes. From personal experience, which is extremely painful and causes a lot of trauma to the eye as you try pulling in all directions to get rid of cotton fiber.

7th Never rub

Sweet is the keyword with the eyes. Print your moistened eyes Eye makeup remover pads for a few seconds. So the solution to do what they must do - to dissolve makeup. Then gently brush the downward / outward. Repeat this movement until all traces of make-up is gone. This requires a couple of times to get used to, especially if you're used to rubbing, but it's so worth it and with your eyes for years to come!

8. Eye Treatment

Buy the best cream eye you can afford. This is not an area that should skimp on. I like the eye, which are anti-aging ingredient, or the cooling effect. Choose something light and relaxing, the gels are the perfect eyes. Avoid heavy, thick eye because they cause swelling. Use eye cream sparingly.

9. Location, Location

Apply your eye cream around the orbital bone and outer corners only. Do not rub the entire eye area or near the eyelashes, as it can migrate into the eyes and cause irritation.

10. Tap the Far swelling

This is a great technique to reduce swelling in the morning. Apply the cream or gel for the eyes with a light tapping motion rather than a rubbing motion. Use the tip of your finger until the cream is absorbed. Leveraging the use of liquid drain and gently awaken the skin.

Accepting these ten golden rules for eye care and you are sure to remain free of wrinkles in the eye - at least for a little 'more.
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