The Killers Circle Dark Beauty

The Killers circle dark beauty
The eyes are the biggest obstacles to the path of beauty. It shows off your personality and try sickDark depressed are one of the most important ones of health ailments that can ruin the beauty of the causes of dark face.Following circles.Age fector is one of the main reasons for dark circles. As you get older the skin becomes thin, especially under the eye and the blood vessels to appear below.

Lack of sleep also requires a vital role in this regard. Teen administrators and students have dark circles because of this reason. At the same time, lack of essential nutrition is another apparent cause for circles. Other common causes of dark circles the sun and excessive medication. Here are some solutions to get rid of these circles nightmare.
Complete removal of the dark portion of sleep. Be at least 8 hours of sleep during the night. Dark will be phased out. In addition, the juice of potatoes and cucumbers over then. This simple tip will make them again soon. A mixture of lemon juice and tomato is also stimulates the skin under the eyes and kill the dark effects. Cold tea bags to throw a magical effect on the dark, and is a type of dye that you can not remove for a few days. These home remedies, and this kind of useless things can be proven to be extremely efficient and helpful

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Bridal Beauty Treatment

Dr. Lee Mei Yap, a dermatologist at the Dermatology Institute of Victoria ( explains why many of the bride (and mother-of-the-bride) tries to "botulinum toxin" to facilitate the lines Pre-wedding frown.

What it does: Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles.

Think about it, if you are concerned, between the eyebrows, forehead or nose size.

Fine print: The decision must be carefully examined and supervised by a reputable and experienced injector.

Time: Do this at least a month of your wedding, especially if it's your first time.

Price: Varies from practice to practice.


Perfect skin is high on the priority list of the bride. Dr Yap explains how to achieve a shade of light through the IPL.

What it does: IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and is a noninvasive treatment using high intensity pulses of visible light to enhance the appearance of certain skin diseases.

Consider if: you are bothered by age spots, sun spots, freckles, pigmentation, throat and chest from sun damage.

Fine Print: IPL is not effective in the treatment of severe facial flushing than other vascular laser selective.

Time: Check with your doctor, but it is always better to give enough time to avoid adverse reactions.

Price: Prices vary depending on the number of treatments required.

Facial Infusion

Anthony McMahon, CEO of Intraceuticals why is Madonna's favorite face a bride should do.

What this means: "therapeutic grade oxygen, hyaluronic acid serum and specialized assets are combined to provide an infusion process of the face lifts and skin plump."

Think about it, if you want something more efficient and less invasive than face the procedure.

Fine Print: There are four types of teas: rejuvenation and hydration, for Opulence brightening, Atoxelene for fine lines, and clarity of the defects.

Timing: You can either take a six-week course with weekly infusions or have a single day before the infusion.

Price: from $ 120 and is available only in salons nationwide.

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Yvonne King of Dr. Yvonne King & Associates Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Centre ( describes what to expect from teeth whitening.

What it does: Tooth whitening teeth relieves a relatively simple and non-invasive, comfortable procedure.

Think about it, though: The teeth are discolored, and it bothers you.

Small print: There are several ways to achieve whiter teeth, and it is important to talk to your dentist for your needs. Most brides prefer to whiten teeth, bonding of composite resin or porcelain veneers, but the mouth should be healthy and functional all the cosmetic work to last.

Timing: The best thing would be to work with your dentist before the event month.

Price: Teeth whitening can cost $ 550 to $ 1200.

Lash Extensions

Founder loves them Lashes Debra Sloane takes us through the benefits of application of false eyelashes.

What it does: "Lash extensions provide a better, is no longer a natural extension of our daily eyelashes are popular with brides, as they appear in a photo and the last on their honeymoon (two weeks) .."

Note that "You do not want to deal with false eyelashes in the future provisional data on the day of the wedding or if you have short eyelashes."

Fine Print. "Lash extensions ranging from acrylic and silk, mink Siberian various degrees of thickness and curl are low maintenance, which will require a brush once a day."

Timing: Complete takes hours to apply and it is better to apply a couple of days before the wedding.

Price: From $ 180.

As with any treatment, consult a practitioner of an established practice that can guide you in areas of timing and anticipation

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Eye protection

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All in the middle of their wedding fever to know the number of procedures and small details that must be seen in this last week before the wedding. They can be quite overwhelming.

Some things - like receiving flowers and damaged badly icing wedding cake - you'll never see coming.

These are problems that, despite the most careful planning, everything goes and you have to rise and face. However, walking down the aisle with a low-cut dress with a chest covered with pimples is preventable.

So it's a cold sore from hell on the upper lip, their elbows lined with red hair, eczema, psoriasis first, all to show the world. Most skin problems are not from nothing. You can plan ahead, know the triggers, and be ready.


If you break bad acne when you are stressed, you can be sure that will happen a few days before getting married.

Dermatologist Dr. Jo-Ann See said, it takes four months, if not more, to get your skin under control. Start with a visit to your doctor. If your acne is mild - have fun when you are ovulating or pre-term - it can often be treated with antibiotics, a lotion or pill.

For more persistent acne request a referral to a dermatologist. Acne is the most common problem seen by dermatologists, and they have an arsenal of drugs and treatments for your acne under control, but as Dr See said they need time to work.

If the chest or back acne is marked by the past Be especially careful when choosing clothes to cover the scarred areas.

Fake Tanner properly applied can reduce the appearance of scars, but give it a first try out. Camouflage makeup can be tricky if you wear traditional colors, because there is a chance to rub and leave marks on her dress.

One of the best Dermablend is available (please call 1300 656 101 resellers for more information).

Cold sores

Each patient has cold sores on their own triggers, but UV is one of the most common, said Dr See. So in any case you get caught or stranded ski weeks and get tanned before you get married. Take note, especially if you plan one of these romantic tropical island wedding.

Any trauma to the lips and skin around them, such as wind burn, crack, and even kissing may be activated when combined with stress, whether mental or physical. And some people are more prone to cold sores at the time of 'year.

Topical treatments applied to first Tingle has limited success, said Dr See. What you really need is a treatment in blood flow faster. Drugs, including valacyclovir or famciclovir can work well if you can your doctor immediately. They cost about $ 200, however, because they are not covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Psoriasis and eczema

In winter it is always going to be a difficult time for people who suffer from one of these problems: the air is drier and more sensitive skin, therefore, to use lots of moisturizer, or better yet, a simple plan in the spring or summer wedding, however.

In the case of psoriasis, moderate exposure to sun and salt water can be a great improvement in the skin. Dr. V. also could consider the hairstyle, which covers the back of the neck, ears and hairline, even if only to flare up. Psoriasis - just like cold sores and pimples - may get worse when you are stressed, or even a small bacterial infection such as a sore throat.

Keep your skin well hydrated to reduce eczema and you know where your eczema patches will keep them covered so you do not have to worry about. Sheer sleeves, veil-like fabric can be beautiful on a summer wedding dress.


"Disaster, disaster. Do not go," said Dr See. She has seen many patients who had spoiled with a facial the week before a special occasion to end up with rashes, bumps and irritation, and it was either new to used goods, new to the therapist or had skin that reacts to heat and manipulation by one side. Facials can be large, but not in the days before a wedding unless you are very used to them and are seen by the same therapist is accustomed to seeing.

The same goes for cosmetic treatments in clinics, such as dermabrasion. Always and only care when you know you're not going to have a reaction, and always tell your therapist about your special day, and when it is.

IPL is a light treatment that eliminates freckles and improves the skin, making it ideal for sun-damaged skin - but start early. Requires a series of IPL treatments and each left the brown skin and saw a couple of weeks. Home 6-12 months before the wedding and is designed to be completed within a month.

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The Best Tips For Good Skin

The skin is composed of three layers: the superficial layer (epidermis), middle layer (dermis) and deep layer (hypodermis). The skin has several layers deep. The cells are created in the lower level, and lasts about a month to go to the surface, where they die. What we see as our "skin" is actually a layer of dead cells. Detergents for changing the dead skin cells, when the skin look more lively. So how to get rid of dirt and sweat, detergents also remove bacteria that cause defects in the surface layer.

Although age is not a slow process of cellular regeneration, the cycle never stops. Health impact of these new cells, food and drinks that you consume, your lifestyle and the products used. Treat your body, and this is reflected in the skin. If you want to keep your skin looking good, naturopath Jane Purcell says: ".. The water is the key omega-3 fish oil and / or flaxseed oil is essential oil of olive, avocado and Tahini can benefit from the skin and vitamin E and C are very skin repair.. "

Collagen and elastin - substances that give skin structure and flexibility - can be found in the dermis. As we age, production slows, causing wrinkles. A diet rich in antioxidants - one that contains plenty of fruits and vegetables - have been shown to slow the breakdown of collagen.

Good oil

The dermis also contains sebaceous glands that produce sebum, an oily substance that goes up the hair on the surface of the skin to protect and lubricate the skin. Gwen Giorla, chief therapist at real solutions, said: "Our hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands, which increases during puberty, or when your adrenaline level is unbalanced due to anxiety or illness .."

When the glands do not produce enough sebum, the skin is dehydrated. When they produce too much oily skin and look more prone to outbreaks. Ensure that your moisturizer to suit your flow of sebum. If your skin is dry, choose a heavier moisturizer or oil based. If it feels oily, try a moisturizer with light water based.

Basic steps for healthy skin

Daily exercise can improve the complexion, as it increases blood flow, get rid of impurities through the sweat and brings more oxygen to the skin. If your skin is tired, try a product that contains ascorbic acid has been shown to promote collagen production. Stress can wreck havoc with your hormones, causes of adult acne and other skin problems. Relax!

Clean makeup brushes every month or two with a mild soap. Get rid of makeup that is past its expiration date. Base of trenches, concealer, moisturizer and sunscreen after two years of lipstick, after 18 months, and mascara after six months. To avoid that the skin broke later, Gwen Giorla recommends mineral makeup

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Six week bridal skin plan

Of course every bride shines with feelings of love and enthusiasm for your special day. However radiant skin wedding day is a little planning and effort.

In preparation for the big event, stress can affect your hormone balance which can lead to pesky buttons, rashes and even excessively oily or dry to occur.

Fear not - the skin is completely palpable wedding just around the corner. Saimaa Miller, naturopath and founder of The Last Resort has designed this intensive 6 weeks pre-wedding plan for your skin softer, more radiant again.

Week 1 - Diet

Clean and healthy diet is the list of priorities, if you want a skin beautifully young, says Miller.

"The plan I put in Brides-to-be, is strict, but very affective. No caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy and processed foods but there are not many things that you may have.

Eat plenty of vegetables, because they are high in fiber, promotes circulation, skin elasticity and support gives you the antioxidants to kill free radicals in the body to feel well-being.

And do not forget hydration. I recommend 2-3 liters of water a day, especially if you are about to present the fiscal year.

Water is best to wear a soft pink skin as it helps the body eliminate toxins, hormones and products. "

Week 2 - Exercise

A selection of cardio training is an absolute must in your plan for 6 weeks. Motion tightens the skin, muscle tone creates and stimulates mood enhancers that make us good. "And when we feel good we look good," says Miller.

"A good way to lose body fat and carry out the muscle is by race, boxing, jumping, swimming (preferably in the pools of salt water), and cycling.

To check if you are in the area to burn fat, do the "talk test." Talking should not be difficult since it must be breathing heavily. "

Doing 45-60 minutes of cardio and weight training 5-6 days a week.

Week 3 - Body brushing

A very important part of that beautiful skin is the body plan of the spouse as it stimulates the lymphatic system, which exfoliates the surface of the skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

To help the body release toxins, fatigue and fluid retention, using a standard brush once a natural thing in the morning the first day before taking a shower.

"Start with your toes and up the legs, focusing on the pelvic area with a lot of lymph nodes. Nou belly area will make a clockwise circular motion around the breast tissue, your hands and then the area of ​​the heart" says Miller.

Week 4 - Colon therapy

"On the way, Brides-to-be get great results from the colon therapy," says Miller.

"The colon or large intestine, stores a lot of toxins and bi-product, so when you cleanse the colon, re-hydrates the colon, which really makes the skin vibrant and sparkling eyes."

Book a colonic irrigation once a week for three weeks in the period before the big day.

Week 5 - deep cleansing facial

Swelling of the face can do wonders for your skin tone and clarity, but Miller says it is better to get one or two weeks before the wedding, so the pimples and toxins, which are just below the skin layer to come and clear.

"My favorite is the face the face peroxide, but not deep cleansing and exfoliating facial will manually remove the black heads and ask nicely clean and clear skin."

Week 6 - Salt Scrub

"A salt scrub is absolutely divine remineralizing the week before the big day," says Miller.

"A salt scrub proper use of organic products and must feel very abrasive on the body.

This is the easiest way traffic and the best way to strengthen the body moving the dead skin cells, increases oxygenation of the blood and skin for a super bright. "

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The Ultimate Beauty Oils

When it comes to skin, the oils are not oils - are the best thing you can do for your skin, experts say.

We have been using oils to moisturize the skin for centuries. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks anointed their bodies and hair with olive oil, and in the 1900's, sweet almond and coconut oils combined with lanolin to create what is called "skin food" which was intended to have magical qualities to rebuild the skin. Not that far from the truth: Oils are an excellent source of moisture, antioxidants and vitamins, and can protect the skin against signs of aging by improving its barrier function.

"As a person ages, cells of the epidermis [forming the top layer of the skin] become thinner and this reduces the effectiveness of the barrier function of the skin," says dermatologist Dr. Michelle Hunt. "This allows moisture to be released, causing drought, and can lead to premature aging and the development of fine lines and wrinkles."

For your face - moisturize

Australian oil aficionado Julita Mercado, who made his own eponymous line of high quality oil of the face, said vegetable oil has a unique ability to penetrate the skin. "They have a fine texture that penetrates the roads of the skin, hydrating and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, driven by the aging process," she said, adding that the skin benefits of various types of different types oil.

"For dry skin use nourishing ingredients like avocado and soya in the fight against aging, seeking to boost shine ingredients like wheat germ, organic camellia and evening primrose oil soothe sensitive skin, such as oils such as almond sweet, grape seed and jojoba -.. all excellent sources of vitamin E to soothe and comfort. "Yes, even oily skin can benefit.

For the face - clean

Oils are an alternative guide to cleaning detergent foam or cream, how to remove the impurities more efficiently. Because like attracts like, pay dirt, oil, sebum and makeup on your skin. When you clean or wash away, takes the basis of residual oil with it.

A makeup artist's bag clip, Oil Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing is cleaning up such a miracle solution: Simply scribble on dry skin, massage all over (with a focus on the eyes to remove mascara) and then rinsed. The Pixies need eye makeup remover and pads. The oils are as sweet as the chemical-based cleansers, and give your skin a nourishing drink during clean - much more friendly than the effect of stripping foaming cleansers.

For your body

Body oils are a great way to moisturize, leaving skin soft, supple and delicately scented for hours. Take care of your clothing (especially silk) after use, although the dry oils are quick to absorb - a better choice when the time is short and you have to get dressed quickly. To increase the humidity in the winter, use body oil after the shower while skin is still damp. This will cause the moisture in the skin, creating a protective barrier. Look for ingredients like oil, Monoi de Tahiti, macadamia, sweet almond, coconut and argan oil (also great for hair). For maximum pleasure, add a few capsules a scented bath oil directly luxury to the bath or shower oil to try a new generation, such as Molton Brown Bath Oil Ambrusca cleaning, $ 50, (working on the same principles a facial cleansing oil) to help prevent hot water from the skin dry.

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Lehanga is one of the most popular dresses in the costumes of the East. This dress is specially made for the wedding, which enhances the beauty of the bride and glamor. They are also worn for special occasions like parties and functions. This dress is only for specific functions. Marriage used to wear this dress at their weddings, which is the most memorable day of their lives. It makes them very unique and glamorous look.

Bridals lehanga made by special order. Lehanga These are completely covered with embroidery and stones. Different combinations of colors are used, so it would be nice. Now the light of day, and purple-blue is very popular and trendy.
Lehanga consists of a long skirt and a choli is a tight-fitting shirt with short sleeves and is embroidered with Zari, excluding Kundan stones, etc. While lehanga choli has its own charm, different people have different body structures and to better select the best type of law lehanga function of the individual. Girls use to carry on the characteristics of their relatives. These lahangas is cheaper and easier then marriage. While this outfit is a tradition in India, but it has become a vital part of ceremonies in Pakistan
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Bridal Lehangas

Marriage is the most memorable days of every human being. The girls used to adorn themselves with beautiful costumes, decorations, jewelry and wedding day Mehndi etc.On want to look for the best, because all eyes are on her. Brides makeup, perfect hair and the dress, and it should be according to his personality. If the bride has her wedding dress is one of the most common priority.Lahanga traditional wedding costumes.
Common red lehangas married or you can say it is the color of marriage. This color enhances the beauty of the bride and make it very unique from others. On this particular day, becomes the focus of all eyes. But with the advance of the time brides are wearing different colors instead of traditional color. Blush pink, cool pastel colors of the earth, sea colors red, metallic shades with touches of gold or silver are becoming a part of the wedding dress.
Embroidery offer a modern touch to add a bridal gown. Lahangas dual colored light combinations such as red and the skin, the other green and gold, turquoise and pink, and many have a lot of popularity in the non-exclusive pieces hottest costumes. Jewellery heavy for compatibility Lehanga.Proper Make Up is a great need for the perfect bridal look. Cosmetologists do so using the form, the color scheme lehanga

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Beauty Tips For Brides

As the wedding date approaches, brides and more aware and concerned about their skin and beauty of the ordinary routine.

In Pakistan, near the wedding season begins from mid October to mid-April. Since that time, the weather is so cool and pleasant, and most people / families consider these months are ideal for weddings. In those months, not only the cool and pleasant, but it is also very good and beautiful a clinical perspective. In those months, the structure of skin and body is moderate and without acne. Since the wedding gets closer, the wives are aware and concerned about their skin color, texture and beauty of the routine. They are seeking hundreds of tips and beauty tips to enhance their beauty and luster of the face before their marriage, and use all possible beauty tips for home or readymade.

Most brides start managing their own just before the fifteen or twenty days of their marriage is far too little time. In order to beautify and brighten your skin and body, you need to start working two to three months before your wedding, because the skin needs a lot of time for rejuvenation and embellishment. Here are some useful beauty tips for brides whose weddings are close to the skin and a beautiful face needs special care and attention to look very nice and different then that time is now and then and it is right to be married to be regarded as a charming, beautiful and magnificent than ever.

* First, make the bridal beauty plan two or three months before your wedding. plan appropriate and timely for the beauty of the bride, you can listen to your trusted beautician or a skin specialist.

* Change your routine. If you are in the habit of late night meetings, then you must stop this habit, this habit is the evil of healthy skin and good. Strictly applied the rule of "early to bed and early to rise"

* Start your day. Try to go just before the Fajar prayer that this time is very suitable and beneficial for skin rejuvenation.

* Drink lots and lots of water. Only water purification removes all internal diseases and after skin become soft, smooth and shiny as a child. Remember that smooth and shiny skin is very essential to have an aesthetic design and makeup.

* Add fruits and raw vegetables in your daily diet. raw vegetables and fruit, not only reduce fat but also improve your skin and complexion.

* Use beauty products that are natural ingredients in them. Do not present new or strange beauty of the product before marriage, because it can cause burns, skin damage or acne problems.

* If you have acne, do not try at home. Go to a dermatologist or skin specialist for the best treatment.

* Always try to be calm, relaxed and free of tension as the tension and depression will have negative effects on you and eventually you may lose your brilliance and beauty. tension-free mind and body is very essential for a bride.

* Last but not least, arrange or cancel your beautician for bridal make-up two months before your wedding, then it will schedule your facial and other beauty products to improve things at first.

By doing these simple things will certainly be a bride look beautiful, unique and special day in her marriage, which is his ultimate desire whatsoever.

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Simple Beauty Tips

Are you aware of your skin? Would you do better? Yes? The tip of the beauty that still is the best written content for you.

Have perfect skin with a radiant complexion is the greatest desire of every woman. To achieve this desire, many girls go to any extend to get more beautiful all the time. There are millions of beauty products available in today's markets, accompanied by thousands of beauty tips. With advances in technology and greater awareness, consultations with doctors, nutritionists and beauticians are becoming very popular for skin problems and treatments. But this simple tip better and eternal beauty of a smooth and shiny is to use and drink lots and lots of water.

Water is essentially of two types, hard water and fresh water. Hard water contains various chemicals that can damage the skin and the result of several different problems. However, fresh water is the best opportunity to get a softer, smoother skin. It is therefore very important to know that the skin can be washed with a good water quality so as not to be subjected to chemicals in water can affect the skin badly.

Another beauty advice on using water to wash skin that never face area with warm water. This leads to the opening of the pores leading to pimples, wrinkles, so always keep the hot water to clean the face and use cold water instead. Even taking a bath with a shower of hot water, avoid exposure of skin around the face with warm water.

Drinking water is often a point of great beauty and economy. Women who drink water at least 5-6 glasses a day, your skin looks brighter and smoother as compared to other women. The purest water is clean and effective skin moisturizer. Hydrates the skin and keeps the body eliminates toxins. A good amount of water consumption helps to clean the wound quick tilt of all body systems and prevents the body from dehydration.

People who do not drink the water and often prefer to go to a beautician and a doctor to get your skin smooth and bright to do great harm to itself. They are losing time and money unnecessarily when there is a blessing to free them in the form of water.

The best and safest from the point of beauty that you can count on is getting a bottle of water with you wherever you go and enjoy occasionally. Or if possible, drink a glass of water every hour and you will feel the difference in your body and skin.

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Some Old And Useful Advice On Removing Dark Circles Under The Eyes Of Beauty

No matter how perfect eyes, lips and face, you if you have dark circles under his eyes, he simply disappears beauty charm. Dark circles under their eyes by presenting them as a deaf person, and depressed elderly. So we must get rid of dark circles under the eyes. Here are some useful beauty tips and very old who just remove dark circles under the eyes.

The rings are killers of beauty. No matter how attractive you are, but the dark circles under the eyes, you like this lady in charge boring, stressful and tension. So get rid of them as soon as possible. To get rid of dark circles under the eyes, follow these tips to enjoy the beauty of your beauty, your youth. So here we go:

1. Take the cucumber and compression anyway to get the juice and enjoy cotton pads and place it over his eyes. You need to relax with him for 15 minutes. Check this beauty tip, if you're in a hurry.

2. The tip of a door beauty pasta second also eliminate dark circles. Just take a spoonful of turmeric powder and ground gram, and lemon juice. Mix these ingredients and put in dark circles.After half an hour to remove with cotton pads.

3. The tip of the most precious and beautiful pointed useful for removing dark circles is to soak the beans overnight and smile tomorrow, or make a paste. Now put a few drops of lemon juice in it. Its mass is ready to implement all week in the dark circles under the eyes and you will experience a noticeable change.

4. The last and easiest to apply beauty tip is to make the paste to remove mint leaves dark eyes. Mint leaves, if not to remove dark, but also provides a tonic effect on the eyes.

Finally, after applying all these beauty tips to get rid of dark circles, you know why these terrible dark circles. Of course, when we know the reason, you will be able to eliminate dark circles very fast, such as stress, sleep deprivation, stress and mood are the main reasons for dark circles. Avoid these murderers and beauty have a nice face a nice life.

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A Simple Beauty Tips For A Bride Before Marriage

After waiting and dreaming during all those years of being married, the day is finally where it is indeed time for your own wedding. For a bride who is a million beauty tips given and great care, but we have just a touch of beauty for you that is really beyond the need for information beauty.

A simple beauty advice is just "be themselves". Yes! At the time, you might think it's so crazy about counseling and how it can be a bit of beauty. But the truth is that this is something that is key to being beautiful.

In Pakistan, where we have strong partnerships with our rich traditions and culture, marriage is a very specifically designed around the specific traditions and customs. Whether arranging a marriage or love marriage, with the same style of wedding for both. For the bride, the marriage is to be the best of her beauty and her husband felt he was blessed to have him. But in all this wedding stress pinch, a girl who forgets that she needs to give time for themselves and realize that there is no need for her to be someone else or go too far. Its peak of true beauty is in the essence of his being pure, original and comfortable. This beauty tips not only make life easier, but it will certainly loves her husband more. Men appreciate the simplicity and find a woman who does not try to fake something, it's really a great experience for men.

When you go to a reservoir with a makeup that give it its final appearance of marriage, I say realistic things and enhance their natural beauty. Most of the time, adding false eyelashes and nails, many brides seem strange to her wedding day. Therefore, make sure not to spill the tip of her beauty secret to be original with their mind up before the wedding day.

There is also no reason to get caught in long-term treatments and procedures before your wedding. Follow basic religious and beauty tips is to have plenty of water and keep your skin clean all the time. Cleaning is very good and effective for all girls. Water is the top treatment for a radiant and smooth skin.

Finally put this in you beauty tips list also, and to relax as much as you can. I know that marriage is a very hectic but happy event in your life, but things will get better if you do not panic. A little patience if your designer has not made clothes, or if you have any last-minute preparations to deal with. All will fall into place when the wedding day arrived.

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70s Brass Vintage Jewelry For Todays Style Statement

A perfect pair of shoes, perfect pair of earring, perfect clothing with matching accessory and make up is what makes you complete. Talking about accessory, a jewelry piece is the best way to give a new life to your wardrobe as well as accentuate beauty in you. The vintage jewelry always is in fashion no matter which century or generation you are in. Amongst all the vintage fashion jewelry, the brass jewelry is the pick of the year. Brass is not a precious metal but the natural raw and rustic look gives the earthy feel which is considered regal in today's fashion world. 

The 70s fashion jewelry trend is back and are popular this season. Brass signifying the ethnicity is the popular choice of material for 70s jewelry trend. Brass jewelry does not mean only the gold like color but also are available in different designs made by mixing with other materials or engraved with stone or beads. The yesteryear's brass jewelry is popular as today's fashion jewelry due to several reasons. The affordable price and the resemblance to gold remains the top factor for brass jewelry being the most demanded fashion jewelry. Brass jewelry is also available in big and bold colors with flashy designs yet subtle in look. Let me try to bring out a clear picture of 70s brass jewelry piece designs swaying the current fashion trend.

Brass Pendants
Large brass pendants are a throwback to the '70s. The intricate self designed brass pendants work well with fashion outfits. Following the current design, pattern and color trend, the jewelry designers are coming up with new designs playing with colors and stones. To give a new look to the yesteryear's brass pendants, the modern designs and patterns are applied to the old design boosting the ethnic look.

Brass Earrings
The 70s large dangle and drop earrings made of brass is gaining popularity amongst the celebrities. The Alexander era classic hoop earring depicts strong feminism and are back to fashion. Apart from the large hoop ear tops, the colorful stone embedded big earrings are gorgeous and no more a 70s fashion now. The miniature painted ethnic earrings are funky and a girlish stuff for the current jewelry fashion.

So, do not ever throw your old piece of jewelry which probably has a high chance of being your future fashion accessory. Also you may design your own brass pendant at home with little effort. Read the steps here: 
Brass Pendants : Design yourself and shine like a celebrity

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Natural Tips To Enhance Your Beauty

Different beauty tips to disclose inner beauty and keep it healthy.

"Beauty" literally means quality in one thing or person that gives intense pleasure or satisfaction to the heart, mind and soul, but for women the word itself has a much deeper meaning. There is a desire to be liked, accepted and loved. For some it comes naturally with nature is merciful to them, but for others it can be a challenge.

The beauty of form is certainly the natural right of every woman and must give their best for your skin TakeCare. So get ready as we embark on this adventure the world of true inner beauty ranging from home remedies for beauty treatments available more practical. Beauty we see around us every day or want to own not only how to apply makeup, eyebrows or style your hair. In fact, the real beauty is beyond all these things, it comes from within and how to deal with your inner attitude.

Way to you in your life, body, people around, so do you carry and, most importantly, how do you think, are all factors that make you beautiful. Adopted by small mistakes in your life than being happy with what you have with an optimistic attitude towards things missing in your life and hope for the future is all you need.

So before you go outside the rebuilding, which could pay a hefty sum of 100 per cent sure that you have made in restructuring. This is well justified, well-known adage that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," which means how someone looks at you. For example, the peak of beauty first and most important is to look oneself in a positive light and are sure that you're beautiful, because the mere thought of knowing this fact can make you feel good. Are you sure of yourself and your good qualities, you know that special, and you should be ranked high and maintained.

Another beauty tip is very common, but important is to try and find treasures at home before visiting the pains near saloon.The first major step towards a healthy body should be healthy diet.This healthy diet should also be made remedies home and fresh fruits and vegetables typically used in home. I am sure that 8-10 glasses of water a day can be ignited by the skin like an incandescent bulb, and believe me that do not cost much, one will never forget to mention your own backyard herbs, which can always be useful, for as currencies and lemon.

Still if you're too lazy to go all the way to better stop by your kitchen that has all the wonders you can ever imagine, from honey and almonds, cucumbers and peaches. Believe me herbs do not only do you look good, but it also enhances the natural beauty. They can also make you healthy and fit to consume more herbs, fruits and vegetables that you can get a better immune response and greater resistance to disease.

So do not worry if your skin color is black, white, brown or red just be happy and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as are the two basic requirements to be beautiful.

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Splash In Watermelon And Radiant Beauty

Summer is here and the sun shines in all its fury and strength, and I'm sure your refrigerator is full of cubes of fresh watermelon and cold. Watermelon during the summer is absolutely irresistible, when his juicy tickling sensation our taste buds, giving a feeling of freshness and joy!

You should all be aware of the enormous health benefits that this fruit filled with pink water, but this summer we'll dive into the fruity sensation and give our skin some delicious treats. This ball has a hard green skin package radiant beauty hidden inside, all you have to do is to read to discover the amazing skin care tips, beauty supply watermelon.

For a skin soft and supple, with a cup of chopped watermelon and apply on face and neck, rinse the face and neck after 15 minutes and enjoy the fresh, clean, youthful look this summer.

If you are a student of the university or college, and your skin is exposed to the sun almost every day, then you definitely need some beauty tips to fade watermelon sunburn and tan. For the draw of a watermelon and cucumber face pack by mixing equal parts of pulp watermelon and cucumber and leave it on your face for twenty minutes. This amazing face pack heals sunburn and glowing complexion.

These days it is difficult for the skin because of the heat and dust, which makes our skin appear dull and dark. But if you can not just take a cube of watermelon juice and rub all over your face, I believe is a fresh face in the morning as the flower in no time.

Last but not least, the treatment of skin with watermelon scrub to make it glow healthy young and beautiful in the last days of summer. To do this, remove the rind of watermelon juice and mix a little chickpea flour in it. Apply the paste on the face and leave on for fifteen minutes for a glowing healthy skin.

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Beauty Tips For Teenagers

ome tips for teenagers to rekindle their true beauty.

All the time kids Relight the hopes and the real beauty is in their teens. So this time, follow some simple advice for adolescent girls and enjoy the true beauty. Time to go on a journey of life full of beauty begins at this age we call the "teen", most girls do not know what they should be cautious, so they should be looking for simple beauty tips.

Teens should not have too much on anything when it comes to the face. Since their skin is sensitive, even moisturizer they use must be sweet, nor dry skin as a moisturizer too rich used to plug the pores and cause the problem with bums. In addition to the use of moisturizers should be minimal with only once a day and that too before bedtime.

Further to this recommendation of beauty more important for teenagers to be careful with your skin to prevent acne is caused in most teenagers due to hormonal changes in them during this time. Adolescent girls should keep their hands, face and hair clean, wash your hands frequently and keep your hands away from their faces.

Beauty and adolescents should not be labeled using makeup, so that "less is more" would be the beauty tips for teenage girls. Knowing that they have a different skin than women, adolescent girls should use less makeup. Although the use of a little 'blush and lip gloss would make them look cool.

Teen beauty is in how they are, they must learn to do different hair styles. In addition, they should always have some basic concepts to them for their beauty. One of these essentials is the Vaseline. Makeup is a solvent under the eyes of costs and a perfect remedy for chapped lips. flavored lip balm also feeds on the lips and gives them a beautiful appearance.

Transitional Provisions time of your life that is adolescence, girls learn to manage this time by following the simple beauty tips for teenage girls grow up to be elegant.

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Cranberry Lip Gloss Easy Home Recipe

Enjoy your lips soft and smooth with delicious blueberry lip gloss. This is not only natural and organic, but also gives a finished look with a touch of color.

Cosmetics are always the first love of women. We all want to look good and beautiful, but have you ever noticed that cosmetic products are rich in impurities. Stay beautiful and charming, without using harmful chemicals, biological Cranberry Lip Gloss sample. The lip gloss with cranberry house not only thrive add to your lips, but its natural ingredients will also contain plasticizers that keep your lips healthy.

Seductive and glossy Cranberry Lip Gloss brings a touch of love to improve the color of your lips together and promote the natural antioxidants. In addition to organic and pure, homemade cranberry lip gloss is good taste, which is perfect for the holidays. Using a homemade cranberry lip gloss, you can free yourself from the worry of eating the lipstick and its harmful ingredients. Not only blueberry lip gloss makes your lips deliciously kissable, but you are free to lick your lips all day in practice, using edible blueberry lip gloss.

Despite the wonderful benefits of the cranberry lip gloss is not difficult to make at home. With the hassle free process of making cranberry lip gloss home, you can enjoy the beauty and health combined. The recipe for beautiful lip care to make a perfect home cranberry lip gloss is as follows:

* Ingredients for Cranberry Lip Gloss house:

Subsequently, the equipment required for delicious cranberry lip gloss:

* 1 tablespoon sweet almond oil

* 10 fresh cranberries

* 1 teaspoon honey

* 1 drop vitamin E oil


1. Place all ingredients into the bowl in the microwave and mix well. Place cranberry lip gloss ingredients in a microwave for two minutes or until mixture begins to boil.

2. Stir the mixture gently and crush the blueberries.

3. Put the lip gloss cranberry mixture aside to cool for five minutes, then sieve to remove all pieces of fruit.

4. Mix well again and let the mixture cool completely.

5. After the lip gloss cranberry mixture to cool, pour into a small plastic container or tin laptop.

6. Use this great homemade cranberry lip gloss spreading some on her lips.

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How To Apply Blush For Rosy Cheeks That Lasts

According to InStyle Magazine, in 1948, approximately 66% of American women have had to blush on a regular basis only 47% of American women regularly wearing today. While it seems that the American fascination with blusher is declining, it remains one of the easiest ways for women to get an instant, healthy color.

Application Instructions How Blush Blush


Choose the right Shade Blush

The first step to get the technique perfect blush is down to choose a good color. Whether you prefer a brand of cosmetics affordable than Cover Girl or would rather spend a little more about the elements of a brand store like Sephora, choosing the right color is the key to great results redness. Look for a red color that matches the color plays that you get when you are naturally to be rinsed in cold or the color of your cheeks get when you exercised. Other tips for finding the best color to your cheeks may include an odor fast to see what color or appear to look at your natural lip color (without lipstick) and match it with a blush color.


Choosing the right type of formulation Blush

After the perfect color blush, think blush formula that is best for your skin. If you have oily or combination skin, choose a powder blush. If your skin is dry, choose a cream blush. both liquid and gel blush work for oily skin.


Before Applying Makeup Blush

Make sure you apply your foundation first. Many people also like to use their eye color and lipstick, blush to leave them at the end. The aim is to outline and enhance your face without exaggeration and sometimes leave at the end will help you see how much you really need to use to get the look you want.


Bring a brush to apply Cheek Color Blush

When applying blush, you should use a full size blush brush. Choose the color of the brush, tap the brush to get benefits and brush on your region of the cheekbone in a movement upwards and outwards. Sometimes it helps to give a big smile in the mirror so you can better see where the "apple" of the cheek is.


Where to apply blush on her face

For a healthy, single stroke of the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Make sure you go light and mix well.


How to Fix Too Much Blush

If you find that you have exaggerated blush color and tone is like a clown more than anything, there is hope! Easy to use color bases or soothing mineral loose powder. If you use a cream blush, just use a tissue to clear the color off.


Test Design Blush

If you want a great shadow on your blush, you'll need to experiment a bit '. One of the easiest ways for makeup artists, many experts use a method of shading "C". This requires that you put out a pure powder form of the temples of c-face cheeks. This can help to thin and your face without being too exaggerated.

Blush tips for natural, rosy cheeks


Regularly clean the brushes - When it comes to your blusher brush, you will not do much maintenance. But they must be cleaned from time to time. Use baby wipes to clean the brushes of a couple of weeks. If you do not clean they could gather the seeds and transfer them to your face.


Try Shimmering Blush for Night - If you want a sexy evening look, use light blush around the top of your cheekbones (near the eye).


rougue sweep in one direction - When using blush, be sure to scan only in one direction. If you go to two or more instructions, which will scratch and will not be able to get a natural look.


Cream Blush is best for aging skin - If you're an older woman can cream blush works best for you. It is very easy to blend, a very natural and contribute to hydration of the skin in general. Just use a small dot on the apple of the cheek and blend in a circular motion.


Dusty Rose is best for shadow Universal Blush - If you're not sure what color of blush, try an old pink or very pale pink to begin with. Match almost any color and type.

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How To Choose A Base Color And How To Apply Foundation

When it comes to the art of makeup, foundation is the region where most people make big mistakes. Either they choose the wrong color, end up with skin that appears too light or too dark, or they do not apply it correctly and you end up with a pure mess. Selecting the base color and learn to use it properly can be a challenge, but once you know the basics, you have a flawless skin for life!

Where to go: Foundation for the purchase at a makeup counter in front of a pharmacy

If you're brand new to the idea of ​​choosing the right color of foundation, may be preferable to make a quick trip to the store and visit a Clinique cosmetic counter counter or other assistance and advice. Experts can help you choose the right color. Of course, once you understand the process of choosing the color you can always switch to a brand like Cover Girl and pharmacy colors match the color of the stores selected for you.

Foundation Formula One: Select a foundation type based on your skin type

The first step in choosing your own foundation, however, choose color, but not with the type of formula you need. There are many skin care bases for all kinds of problems. If you have oily skin, you might want to go with a formula of cream or powder. If you have dry skin or combination skin, a liquid formula might work better. Some people like to add a translucent or opaque mineral dust at the base liquid, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Degree of protection: What you need or want to do?

Besides thinking about your skin type you think of the coverage you need and your lifestyle. If your skin is blotchy, you may need a formula that gives a bold coverage, but if you just want to even your tone a little lighter, perhaps more pure form of coverage work better. If you live a very active life and sports, you might even consider waterproof or stick foundation.

Choose the shade or color of the Foundation

When you choose your colors on your own, compare the colors yellow base because they look most natural on all persons. Be sure to look for a shade that matches your own small jaw line, throat color or color inside of your wrist. An expert on makeup counter can help you with this if you choose to visit the store. If you buy at the pharmacy, some will accept exchanges on makeup (even open). Ask a store associate what the store policy is "open" makeup. So remember, if you do not get the right color for the first time you may be able to exchange it for another color.

Check your base color in good lighting

When you come home from the bottom, sitting by the window and experiment with the color on your jaw to make sure it is accurate. It would naturally blend with the skin color and the color of your neck.

If you buy your foundation at a department store. I strongly recommend that you put on your foundation shades jaw near the ear. So look at these samples to natural light shade to make your final choice. Any good makeup counter is also associated recommend.

How to apply foundation for a natural look

Once you are sure that the color is perfect, start by dotting the foundation on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Then use a sponge or your fingers, mix until the point of your face is covered. You can choose to have full coverage of the face that way, or you can also choose to apply foundation where you need more coverage. Both ways, the most important for a natural look is to mix well and do not use more than necessary. Be sure to mix thoroughly, leaving no streaks or zones artificial.

The selection and application of foundation make-up can be difficult, but to get the best trick seems possible, it is important to take time to learn how to do it right!

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Change Your Shades Liptick That Climate Change

Fall Colors Lip

If you read magazines, you know it's makeup trend seems to change with time, and clothing. Restaurant offers color palette for fall colors of pumpkin and spices, with bronzes, browns, taupe and dark red. Lipstick goes with it, with shades darker shades of brown and gold detail.

Winter colors for lips

Winter usually sees a return to a lighter color and the type of stone,

even in black and white. Lips during the day often see red.

Spring Lip Color

Spring comes in pastel tones and pale, but bright pink, light green, lots of white and off white, spring flowers imitate. Lipsticks are also generally lighter in pinks and corals, often transparent shadows.

Summer lip colors

In summer, you'll usually see the brighter colors in clothing. Hawaiiana clothes, party clothes and standard games of the season. Lips can be many colors - lighter and more transparent than air fall and winter, but bolder than the spring.

Matching lipstick to clothes, skin color or time or day?

When it comes to choosing lipstick, there are two schools of thought. Let me choose to match the lipstick and clothes (which are also adapted for color models). But if the color of the face and hair is not suitable for a particular shade of lipstick, the shadow is not wise to use just because it suits sweater. The second (and I believe more effective) idea is that the lipstick will answer first.

There are some general ideas about the red lip look good on the people, but the lipstick at night often ignores the principles of the color of the lips during the day. No matter: the lighting at night is very different, which migrate to the dramatic aspects of the night, and if you like a certain shade, why not use it?

Matching lip color hair color is a bit strange, because no two red (or blonde, or brown) have the same hair and face tones. It is best to answer your lip color to your face. This is not brain surgery, the most expensive are the curtains or hot or cold, and lipstick can play your natural color or in conflict with it. If you want a lipstick that plays it safe, while adding only a little boost of color, find a tone that is only slightly brighter than your natural lip color.

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Choosing And Applying Lipstick, Liner And Gloss For The Perfect Pout

The best lipsticks are long-lasting, perfectly colored and made from ingredients that enhance not only watching, but the health of your lips as well. The best lip looks rely on knowing the best colors of the skin. Use these lip tips to keep your makeup beautiful and your lips smooth and soft.

Basic Lip Care: Smooth Lipstick Lips Search more help

If your lips are chapped or dry, uneven and lipstick will fade quickly. Tiny lines around the mouth that can capture the colors that cause lipstick to "bleed" is never a good look! Use a soothing lip treatment or lip balm moisturizes and improves the lips, to give a uniform color of the lip. Search for a soothing lip care essential oil of marjoram, lavender and tarragon, which goes to pinch the heat and promotes healing. A soft, beautiful lips, lip color and feels better than ever!

Lip Color Choice: What is the proper tone of your skin?

One of the biggest challenges is to make the choice of the right lip color. Some women can vary their lipstick in terms of their wardrobe, a big no-no, since lipstick is supposed to compliment your complexion!

It is not hard to choose lipstick colors when you know a simple fact. All you need to know if your skin tone is "warm" or "cool." It is not as light or dark you are, or even a hair color or eyes, but the background of your skin is, it has a bluish (cool) or yellow (warm)? Everyone is either hot or cold, and it's all over the face to color: blond, blond and red can be one.

Find hot or cold skin Undertone

So how can you tell if you're not sure? Dig the make-up bag and find just two shades of any type of makeup, lipstick, eye shadow and blush. Search for a single color is orange and rust and the other is a pink or lavender. Rub the color of the apple of your cheek and the other colors of an apple the other cheek, and then compare. Do I look more "right" than others? You do look garish or just wrong? Those who run seem to skin tone. If the color orange seems fair, warm tone, if the pink color looks right, you're cool.

Now that you know your skin tone, you are free to choose any color on the lips in the family. But this is not just wearing a shade of lipstick you still have plenty of choice! Check out the list of potential lip shades of a color scheme:

Warm colors

Coral, Peachy, Russet, Rust, amber, brown, brick red, melon, salmon, orange, sandalwood, red and yellow undertone, Taupe

Cool colors

Pink, raspberry, cherry, blackberry, lavender, plum, pink, strawberry, Crimson, Amethyst, purple, red shade with blue, purple

As you can see the color names associated with warm and cool tones tend to fall into two groups. Warm tones tend to be earthy, woody, with only a few names of fruit (peach and melon). cool tones tend to contain the names of berries, which are often shades of pink or purple shades with blue or red. women hot / cold can both wear lipstick, but the "true red" tend to be bluish, so warm women should look for reds with a slight leaning towards brown or orange. Once you understand your skin, the trick is not to fall into a nice name, when the shade does not flatter your skin. Lipstick makers know that a lush name, reminiscent of flowers or jewels or romance, selling red lip, even if the color looks terrible on most women. So beware!

Lips: Apply before lipstick to enhance lip shape

If you do not want to stray too far from the natural shape of your lips, lipstick can add clean definition while subtly but powerfully redefining your mouth. Draw just outside your natural lip line, lip pencil adds fullness are only inside, your lips appear slightly thinner.

Want to make a sexy pout? Add fullness to the lower edge of the Lip Pencil two shades lighter than you are using your upper lip.

Love Julia Roberts look like? Softens and improves the top line of the lip pencil drawing lips a blow, and then soil is always slightly upward at the end of your little finger. Blot, then apply the lipstick on the edge of the original table.

Get completely free lipstick, make sure you have a Lip Liner pencils in different colors. Lip Pencil One just can not cut: you must use a pencil slightly lighter or darker than the lip to create the illusion of fullness, or slightly heavier lips thinned.

Lip gloss and shine Add Fun If ... No Goop!

You can not buy lip gloss from a pharmacy, unless you want a gloppy, sticky, gooey mess, possibly adorned with small pieces of glitter and a strong heavy odor of chewing gum. Branding may have many ingredients to confusion, but we have decoded the makeup conditions of their true meaning. Perfect for tweens, lip gloss for adults to add shine and subtle color. But the best shades for lips do more than you shine: they add essential oils such as mandarin, clove, mint, lavender, vanilla, grapefruit and rose. Essential oils not only add health to your lips: their natural scents create instant aromatherapy when applied to the lips. Vanilla and peppermint have been shown to increase happy feelings, grapefruit and tangerine give you an energy boost, pink and lavender are perfect to calm and soothe stressed nerves. Lip gloss with essential oils that does more than make you look fantastic: it makes you feel beautiful too!

warm and cold apply your lip gloss choices they make your lipstick. Choose a color a shade lighter or darker than your favorite lipstick and an additional color light-love, or just use a natural, beautiful look.

Buy the lip color on a budget

You want to maximize your lip color wardrobe? Choose your lipstick and lip liner to add a darker shade of lipstick each, and finally choose a lip gloss shade lighter than each lipstick. Make sure your lip pencil, lipstick and lip gloss are all the same color that matches your skin tone. Remember the soothing treatment to protect your lips soft, no matter what color you wear!

Change the color of lipstick from day to night

Daily lipstick would be less severe during the night of your show, but they often jump from work at night without a home. With a small portable lip palette, you can raise the shade day and night and in integrating the lip pencil no extra effort to fit in your purse! Carry a small compact newspaper in the shade, and add another color effects in addition to it. Or use the brightness of day and night to make lipstick. lipstick when you're out in the evening, we glammed-up is correct and exactly where it is needed.

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Care & How To Hide Or Reduce The Trick

Most women over thirty years at some point ask how to get rid of dark circles. There are three ways to tackle the problem of dark circles under the eyes: prevention, topical and cosmetic restoration. Holistic prevention, while the easiest solution for some people is also the least effective for most people.

What causes dark circles & Darkness

Dark circles under the eyes tend to be a genetic problem and virtually unavoidable if dark areas under the eyes of your family. But for people whose genetic background does not predispose the rings, the simplest solution may be to sleep and drink lots more water. One of the first signs of fatigue or dehydration is dark circles that appear under the eyes. Eyes under the skin is thin, with a membrane that lies between a layer of fat and the outer layer of skin we see. When your body needs water, he turns around the eyes first. Drinking alcohol causes dehydration, and over consumption of sugar and caffeine. Stress also causes bags under the eyes. The diet can affect your face too, especially if you have food allergies, and sulfites in wine can wreak havoc on the delicate skin around the eyes. Again, the answer is nobody wants to hear you may be able to banish dark circles from within by taking care of your health.

Natural remedies for dark circles home

But home remedies can do little. If the dark circles do not move even after a long nap and eight glasses of water a day, it's time to go to a cosmetic or a route. There are a lot of options, some more useful than others. Emollients useful in essence, that if you have lines around the eyes, glittering with a moisturizer will help reduce them and create a lighter look. Search for moisturizers with natural ingredients like avocado, sesame, vitamin K and vitamin E moisturizer works well as a base under eye makeup as a concealer because it smooths the skin and makes it easy to apply a colored cosmetic. No secret trick here: moisturizer to help others keep from fouling the trick.

Best beauty product to hide dark circles

Best beauty product is the correction of dark circles, and most makeup artists agree that it is important to use a light golden color, like yellow tones counteract dark. Chamomile has long been known as a natural remedy for skin correction and some contain this ingredient, which can help cure as it covers. Concealer is much darker once you get the right shade and apply correctly. Some women make the mistake of choosing a concealer that is too clear, then at the end of the reverse raccoon eyes, through the whites of your eyes looks strange and a bit 'alien. Ideal for a spell is a lighter shade of the general foundation of the house. To some extent, the area under the eyes is a bit 'darker than the rest of the face, of course, because the eye sockets are slightly withdrawn in the face. If the concealer is too light, dazzle the eyes disappear.

Surgical and non-surgical treatments to repair the Puffy under eyes

If you're tired of trying to wipe your eye cream circles, you may be seeking treatment or even a cure. Looking tired all the time can affect your morale and the way people treat you. There are nonsurgical options for removing puffy or dark areas under the eyes injections performed by plastic surgeons can fill gaps, and it must be repeated every three or four months. A good surgeon can ocularfacial tighten skin on the eyelids, which reduces puffiness and dark circles away in the years to come. Called blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery can get rid of dark circles, puffy upper eyelids or lower and hollow, tired eyes. If you go this route, be sure to find a specialist who has done thousands of eye, ask to see before and after pictures and check with the local medical board to verify the surgeon's history with other patients.

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How To Apply Concealer Under The Eyes And The Red:

Makeup techniques & Spike

Although the concealer makeup experts hail as one of the most important beauty for all women, few women use it. It 's so important for cosmetics, some experts even completely ignores the bottom and use a concealer evens skin tone, hide blemishes or acne, or hide the face of other common mistakes, such as dark circles and scars.

When asked why he abandoned this beauty product, most women claim to ignore it, because I'm not sure how to enforce it. However, it is too big to ignore completely the product. Instead of pulling apart, because you're not sure of the correct application procedure, use these tips to help you manage the technology for the application of concealer!

Finding the right shade of concealer

The first step to using concealer is to find the right shade of your skin. If you can find the best shadow and learn to mix properly, you get a flawless look. Looking correction, it is preferable to find a brand, you can try before you buy. Test the color on your neck under the ear. The color should be slightly lighter than your foundation. If you visit the mall makeup counters, you can always have expert makeup counter to help with the process of selecting colors. Most of the time if you are not satisfied with the color they will replace for free.

Do not forget that if your chance of skin tone in the summer (due to sun or tanning) Remember to change the color of the correction in recent months.

Not only should you focus on the color of a concealer, but the selection is an important indicator of quality. Some of the cosmetic products they can afford to skimp, but concealer might want to show off a bit 'above. Find a dermatologist tested formulas without the smell of them. If you are looking for a quality product that will not break the bank, you can always try Maybelline or Revlon formulas.

Apply Concealer and always have a natural

Remember that concealer works best when you use pure layers and put in place gradually to get the look you need. Start by dotting circles under the eyes of the fields to a spot on a tattoo or when coverage is needed. Use the scroll wheel on your ring finger to tap it into the skin. A concealer makeup brush can also be the case if you do not want makeup all over your hands. Never rub hides in the skin because it will not give you the best results.

Covering under eye circles: Be especially gentle

In addition, when working around your eye area be sure to always use soft, typing motions with your ring finger because the skin around the eyes is very delicate, so apply more pressure than could the damage. The ring is often the weakest finger, so you need to use smooth movements. If you do not get the desired results after this first application, repeat the process of building another level of cache in the first you've already applied.

Place Concealer powder for a period of coverage

Once you have the look you want, only the fine loose powder on your face to set makeup. Use a fluffy round brush to apply loose powder, you get the best results. You really do not need make-up tools, other than a brush.

Once you know how to properly apply the concealer, you can get information on creating a flawless performance every day. You no longer need be afraid of the dark circles, acne scars or other blemishes on the face.

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Makeup Tips For Women Plus Size:

Plus size women often looking for a flattering, to improve their overall appearance. However, few people understand that can thin the face with makeup tips for plus size women. Even if you lose weight, you can always have a round face is a little more detail you want. If you want some makeup tips to flatter, follow these simple tips and style suggestions to help make the face thinner

Fuller Foundation Face Shading Tips

To start the slimming process, it is important to use two different colors of the foundation. Choose one that blends with your skin and that just a little darker. The lighter foundation to be used on the nose, chin, forehead and eye area.

Darker than the base should be fully utilized areas of the temples and jaw line. Be sure to blend properly, however, the lines are seamless, and the package does not appear, it is much lighter than the darker outline color of foundation is used. There's nothing worse than a dark line of the foundation, shows a significant difference between the color of color around the neck and jaw.

Eyebrow Tips for Round Faces

After applying foundation, make the eyebrows are in good proportion to their other characteristics. If your face is very delicate and small, eyebrows should not be too strong or defined. However, if you have a premium account or face (nose, eyes, lips), it can be very fine eyebrows. If too thin, you add visual weight to your face.

If you have a round face, you need a highly arched forehead, and that sport can Cameron Diaz. Adding acute angles, with his eyebrows and smooths the roundness of her face, which automatically narrow face. It's a great idea to have your eyebrows professionally at least once. You can then maintain the shape of pro given by carefully plucking, if you are not interested in getting them waxed regularly.

Bronzer and Blush: How to Create Countouring that flatters your face shape

In addition to using the foundation for the remodeling, you can also use tanning for edge effects. You just need to suck your cheeks and apply bronzer in the hollow areas. You can also use a darker powder free if you do not tan. When it comes to blush, be sure to avoid applying it on the apples of your cheeks. Instead, use colors on the back of the cheekbone against Temple.

After applying blush and tan, use techniques to enhance natural thin face and even enhance your facial beauty characteristics best. Put the highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, under brows and nose. Just do not go too heavy with a highlighter, or instead try to minimize your problem areas, you'll just look like a clown.

Remember, when the advice of clothing can help visually slim body make-up can do so in the face. Do not just take off pounds visually makeup of this guide, but you can also take off for years. Get your face makeup you need, you do not need to go to Sephora or Clinique counter to everyday applications training. For a lighter makeup to face with these ideas in everyday life all by myself!

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The Choice Of Red Lipstick Right For Your Skin

When used correctly, the red lipstick can make a woman look and feel sexy, feminine and sexy! However, if he chooses the wrong tone of red, which can reach more like a clown with a fox. So be careful when choosing the right red lipstick on your skin.

If you would like it glam with red lipstick this season, follow these tips on how to choose the red lipstick on the right!

How to Test Lipstick Color makeup counter

If you do not want to lose money on the colors just do not work in your skin tone, you better go to the cosmetics counter, where you can actually try the red lipstick before you buy. Some drug stores have a color change of policy that can bring unwanted lipstick on your receipt back to another change in tone. But there are few that offer such a guarantee, and many of you can make only one change per item, which can lead to difficulties if the exchange, even less flattering color a second time. Also, some brands such as Revlon Color Guide to offer close to their presentation to help you choose the best shade for your skin tone.

Lipstick on the sample is the best way to see how it looks. Trying to rub it on hand to test the shadow is pretty useless because it will always be different on your lips. So visit your local Clinique counter or cosmetics in department store counter to test a few shades off!

makeup lipstick and red Shadows Correspondents

For starters, make sure you have red tones that complement and work with your complexion. His complexion is warm or cold, with skin tones are often paler shades of pink and full. Warm skin tones often darker shades of olive, with hints of blue.

If your skin is a cold, remember to look for red with shades of pink. Lots of red in shades of berry, blackberry, plum and brick, ideal for cool toned ladies. Red with shades of blue are also known to have a visual effect of bleaching your teeth, which is always a plus.

If your skin has a warm tone, look for the red and yellow tones. Many times they are flattering red lipstick orange hues, warm colors, red tomatoes, brown base colors, shades of brown or golden hue.

Some experts even argue the beauty of classic red lipstick primary work on all skin tones, though!

Implementation and red lipstick without looking Overdone

Wearing the perfect red lipstick can make you look like a sexy fox has all the equipment, it is important not to overdo it with the rest of your makeup when you click on the red lips. If you want to use red lipstick, which is the star of your face. Do not try to do dramatic eye shadow or blush exaggerate, or make you look like you are too. A pair of red lips neutral eye shadow, black mascara and a thin liner. To add a little 'blush, which is the current color of the lipstick itself, but to take light. You can add a bit 'of glamor to your face instead of a light pen, so you look radiant without looking like you tried too hard. Red is the color for all seasons, from spring to winter, so be sure to find a good tone, which runs through the whole year.

Most women choose lipstick at night to feel glamorous, you can also choose to use it for hours during the day. Just moderate a bit. Layer your favorite lipstick on a huge red glow slightly to make it lighter and brighter.

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How To Curl Your Eyelashes Steps, Tools And What Not To Do

Why Curl your eyelashes?

One of the best ways to accentuate your eyes and make them more visible is curling your eyelashes. This gives the effect of having a larger, luminous eyes. Your eyelashes appear to expand and to be longer when they are curled. Women who come from eyelashes or pointing down is that change is dramatic when you curl your eyelashes. When you apply makeup like eyeliner and mascara, the results can be very glamorous.

How to choose and how to handle Eyelash Curler

All you need is to curl your eyelashes, eyelash curler, you can buy from anywhere at any pharmacy or supermarket with the cosmetics section. They are available in plastic or metal. curlers, eyelash with the pads, which must be changed every few months. Choose a curler, which is a nice finger holes so that you can get a good grip when you are curling the eyelashes.

Step by step instructions curling eyelashes

1. Start with bare lashes. Always curl lashes before applying mascara. When you curl lashes after applying mascara, which can damage or remove tabs. You are also likely to mask stains and editing, too. You should curl lashes before applying other eye cosmetics such as eye shadow or eyeliner.

2. Use clean equipment. Eyelash Curler Clean well with alcohol or makeup before each use to prevent dirt or bacteria from accidentally getting into eyes. Even if you're the only person using eyelash curler, it is best to make sure it is clean.

3. Hot stuff for lasting curls. Heat the eyelash curler before using it with a hair dryer on low for about 10 seconds. If you do not have a hair dryer at your fingertips, you can run the eyelash curler in hot water for a few seconds. When the tool is heated, it is easier to curl eyelashes. Just be sure to check and make sure the curler is not too hot before placing it too near your eyes.

4. Positioning eyelash curler. Attention to grasp the eyelashes too close to the eyelid. You can squeeze or pull the eyelid, lashes out. Position towards the tips eyelash curler and gently squeeze the pump and the curling iron and hold for several seconds. And 'this, at the foot of the middle and tips on lashes. Some people have shorter lashes, so this can be difficult. You should always use caution when working parts of an eye, your skin is very sensitive in this area and lashes are the easiest way. You can curl, and upper eyelids, but many people tend to curl upper lashes only. Since the lower lashes are usually shorter, are more difficult to grab and Bender, and less likely to hold curl well.

5. Comb your lashes and apply mascara. When curling the lashes, use a lash comb to comb the eyelashes overlap so that they are fully able to apply the mascara. Comb gently again to remove mascara stains and also outside the cover.

What to avoid when curling Lashes

* Never use mascara before curling eyelashes

* Make sure not making eye lashes too close

* Make sure the curler is not too hot to use a hair dryer small room and tested before use

* Use a pressure release tabs to prevent an increase or leave

Now you are ready to use these tips and curly lashes correctly, and also what to avoid if you want to look like a bit 'of extra length lashes. Curling your eyelashes is a great way to increase the brightness of the face without false eyelashes were to choose to get noticed.

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