Using Makeup To Select Or Create Your Cheeks

Some people are born beautiful high cheekbones and good bone structure of the face and then the rest of us, who can only hope to create a convincing illusion of a natural high cheekbone structure. Although we can not change genetics, there are ways we can emphasize what we have and to create a definition. Instead of opting for a potentially dangerous surgical procedures, simply use makeup to help create cheekbones, you've always wanted.

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The zygomatic, also known as the cheek is one of the main bones of the face that gives a person against a defined structure and shape. If you already have a high cheekbones and you want to learn to highlight, you can get an amazing look with cosmetics brands like Lancome and Clinique products as up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator. After applying the foundation, only illuminating a small point at the top of the cheekbone and pat until well blended.

For those ladies who need more power to show little, follow these tips to help you define your cheekbones and contour makeup!

How to create more prominent cheekbones

If you want crisp or full cheek, but was not blessed with them from birth, do not worry! You can get the look you want if you learn a technique or two.


Step 1 - Start by applying your foundation and finishing powder to unify your complexion and covers all defects or unsightly marks.


Step 2 - Then enter your tan. The best tan is one that is slightly darker than the color of their skin. If you do not like sunbathing, you can try a light shade of blush or gloss rather bare.


Step 3 - Using a bronzer or blush colors start small and sweep towards the temples, just below the cheekbones. It 'best to use a large round makeup brush for this task. When you are applying the colors, remember to think, of course, after an invisible line to the upper corner of the mouth to the ear.

Additional finishing touches to exit Crabapples


Stressing - After getting the look you end up with an illuminating powder to accentuate the cheekbones. Choose a bright color nude for this task and just adding a bit in the most important of his cheeks and the right outside corner of the eye.


Blend - To complete the look completely, mixed with illuminating makeup, to make it look more natural. Remember, you do not want your cheekbones to look forward and stand out, but certainly do not want to appear to have marks on his face. It may take some time to understand how well the mix is ​​the better way to mix so you can see the definition of color, but not the lines, but keep working and you'll understand. The best place to do it near a window that provides natural light. This allows you to see what the world will see when you walk out the door!

With a choice of modern women today, offering makeup, more than ever in the practices of beauty there is no reason to be angry about their lack of definition of the cheekbones. Instead, simply create your own using simple techniques and beauty products!

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