Panty Primer

Three problems: criminals Thong

Low-rise jeans are fun. Visible thongs in a self-printing is not pretty.

Elegant solutions

Profile of the thigh (top)

Visible panty lines were important problem (51.3 percent) in a recent survey by the adjustment of 917 women lingerie stores consciousness. Sweet top-down silhouette, opt for a high waist circumference (which should extend to her bra) and long term, the domain of the thighs, legs. A shaper microfiber fabrics snaglessly to drag on.

Curves (center)

It is a wild black thong is definitely "not your mother's girdle," says Susan Nether, the proximity of the owner and chief designer in the form (which has stores in Atlanta, Chicago and New York). Shapewear today, he observes, is so light and flexible, which is incredibly comfortable, confident, and sexy.

Pick-up (bottom)

Underwear legs should not be cut from the top to go unnoticed in the cell: no edge binding makes this all-in-one to do a disappearing act. Removable straps secure the large size of her bra, and there is a subtle game separator to avoid the "uni-ass" effect.

Problem Two: Underwear Drive

When working out the back, watch your back, a trendy tracksuit for the fund.

No solutions Sweat

Short Cut (top)

Double your fun operating platforms script: Choose panty that mirrors the shape of clothing is one of the most important strategies Nether invisibility. The edges are folded to lie flat, copper-bonded fibers of the fabric of antimicrobial agents in the work.

Highline (center)

Give a chance strips (Nethero rules: Buy a comfortable one requires more fabric, higher costs and can fit two or three on the new meaning). This strand of tissue high-tech body moisture, so you will not get wet while you work in a sweat.

Brief Encounter (below)

Boy shorts are back, Nethero said the ass cover prevents unattractive ride in the back (one reason for their popularity); discrete points keeps them smooth appearance.

Problem Three: Thong offenders

The jeans are fun low. Exposed thong is a press-up pretty.

Discrete choices

All the bells and whistles (top)

The increase in very low undetectable keeps these hipsters, but they are too tight for comfort in tight jeans. Cool mesh lined with stretch lace wide band (which are gentle on the body) is delicious for summer, the equivalent of underwear green tea ice cream on a hot day.

Big Lace (center)

A panty that looks a bit romantic, a concrete action: the edges of flat synthetic silk and guarantee good performance of a stroke-free round. Denim is sufficiently opaque so you can play with their underwear is fun to wear something feminine into something difficult.

Turning Green (below)

Now, new technology has produced the underwear fabric that does not shake hands with people, her panties can not be comfortable, but still quite low. A simple, inexpensive microfiber cloth hipster panty ass to give good coverage and a low waist.

Problem four: the form-fitting pant skirt large

With a skirt this thin, especially in a pale neutral was, most of us need help.

Keep under control

Flower Power (top)

Buttons in a skirt: Nice ("You do not want the appearance of an orthopedic foundation garments," said Nethero). A blond boy has a short vintage pinup girl Vibe-color is "antique" beige but the thin, second skin tissue of export control is comfortably modern.

Join the company (center)

"All women have a lot of soft tissue, even when not overweight," said Nethero. "If capture pants, the lines shown." Shaper The front panel has a low profile for the control of the hips and belly frozen object, people with flat ass love the questions behind the improvement of the back seam.

Transition from one (low)
Now you can hang fly and sculpting in one package. A control target of the waist-hip these areas highlighted by the skirt, long pants style is clean, but strong. Do not worry if you work long hours; finespun microfiber is a flexible companion.

Five problem: White on white does not work

It is a myth that white panties under white pants disappear. Only naked.

Beautiful Beige
Look, Mom, do not Hems (top)

Science has revolutionized the underwear with the laser cut panties (because microfiber that does not work or mixed), which eliminates bulky seams and hems bumpy. The dark brown, trust us, will disappear in black, as it combines well with your skin.

You light (center)

Made from super thin, razor-cut micro-fiber pants lining here is a good compromise, coverage-wise, large enough at the back to look good under clothes loosely woven white, light and elegant, but enough to hot weather.

Sweet Nothing (bottom)

If you have not yet converted their belts, this is a good idea to experiment: It is a modest coverage of the front and slim, discreet elastic edges.

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