Beauty: Makeup Festival

As the festival season is a serious side effect, it is time to reveal some of the myths. We make the beauty of the festival was wrong. It is not your usual products decanting small bottles of 28 Muji, weaving hair, like Willie Nelson, is to cover the dirt. The likelihood is that taking a bath in the mud with little access to the mirror, let alone running water, then you need suitable facilities to look around a few hands.

Scale back on products. They will melt and separate in a hot tent. The hair never looks neat, then go with her spray dry shampoo at the root, the pumping volume and masking smells and grease. Forget Foundation - you will see exaggerated and be contaminated by the time at home. Instead, use a sunscreen and a good tinted moisturizer, blush hazelnut cream on cheeks and lips.

Released all rock'n'roll eyes - very Kate Moss at Glasto. Make a bold, slightly shiny pencil in a soft black and grunge - green, khaki or black is ideal - and sign along the lash line, smudging with your finger. Add tons of mascara (not a sealer Clarins large, which makes your usual mascara waterproof). If you're too wasted to use a wipe before bedtime (Nivea now make travel packages), just layer on more tomorrow. Here's my last game.

MAC Prep + Prime Face SPF 50 £ 21,

Environmental tube pack sunscreen that does not cause the eyes to water, or rub under makeup.

tin pencil and forests £ 5 Topshop,

Chubby clubs time confused. Stain around the eyes and every day.

Connecting Beauty Cleansing moist £ 4.99,

24 pre-filled cotton buds makeup remover to wipe off the stain, even waterproof. Inspired.

Jurlique Hand Sanitizer £ 5,

You know what sucks antibacterial gel and dry hands? Well, quite the opposite. Do not get into a bath of camping without it.

Glide Urban Decay Afterglow tone-on-in-cheek and Score Fetish 18 pounds,

Mirrored compact cream ashamed of your cheeks and lips. Necessary.

Go Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo, £ 1.52,

A mini can travel the world a better dry shampoo. Volumizing, deodorizes and adds texture fucked

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