How To Apply Concealer Under The Eyes And The Red:

Makeup techniques & Spike

Although the concealer makeup experts hail as one of the most important beauty for all women, few women use it. It 's so important for cosmetics, some experts even completely ignores the bottom and use a concealer evens skin tone, hide blemishes or acne, or hide the face of other common mistakes, such as dark circles and scars.

When asked why he abandoned this beauty product, most women claim to ignore it, because I'm not sure how to enforce it. However, it is too big to ignore completely the product. Instead of pulling apart, because you're not sure of the correct application procedure, use these tips to help you manage the technology for the application of concealer!

Finding the right shade of concealer

The first step to using concealer is to find the right shade of your skin. If you can find the best shadow and learn to mix properly, you get a flawless look. Looking correction, it is preferable to find a brand, you can try before you buy. Test the color on your neck under the ear. The color should be slightly lighter than your foundation. If you visit the mall makeup counters, you can always have expert makeup counter to help with the process of selecting colors. Most of the time if you are not satisfied with the color they will replace for free.

Do not forget that if your chance of skin tone in the summer (due to sun or tanning) Remember to change the color of the correction in recent months.

Not only should you focus on the color of a concealer, but the selection is an important indicator of quality. Some of the cosmetic products they can afford to skimp, but concealer might want to show off a bit 'above. Find a dermatologist tested formulas without the smell of them. If you are looking for a quality product that will not break the bank, you can always try Maybelline or Revlon formulas.

Apply Concealer and always have a natural

Remember that concealer works best when you use pure layers and put in place gradually to get the look you need. Start by dotting circles under the eyes of the fields to a spot on a tattoo or when coverage is needed. Use the scroll wheel on your ring finger to tap it into the skin. A concealer makeup brush can also be the case if you do not want makeup all over your hands. Never rub hides in the skin because it will not give you the best results.

Covering under eye circles: Be especially gentle

In addition, when working around your eye area be sure to always use soft, typing motions with your ring finger because the skin around the eyes is very delicate, so apply more pressure than could the damage. The ring is often the weakest finger, so you need to use smooth movements. If you do not get the desired results after this first application, repeat the process of building another level of cache in the first you've already applied.

Place Concealer powder for a period of coverage

Once you have the look you want, only the fine loose powder on your face to set makeup. Use a fluffy round brush to apply loose powder, you get the best results. You really do not need make-up tools, other than a brush.

Once you know how to properly apply the concealer, you can get information on creating a flawless performance every day. You no longer need be afraid of the dark circles, acne scars or other blemishes on the face.

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