How To Determine Skin Tone

Our skin is our largest organ, and comes in different colors. These different colors, skin tones are determined by the availability of our outer layer of a pigment called melanin. People with darker skin have more melanin than people [source: National Geographic] pale skin. To understand why there are so many skin colors, it is important to understand how melanin.

Melanin is the body's defense against ultraviolet radiation, more commonly known as UV rays. These rays are incredibly dangerous and can eventually cause skin cancer if you do not protect. E 'comes into play when the melanin you know that your skin color changes when you stay in the sun too long. When the UV rays begin to penetrate into our body, skin cells called melanocytes to kick into high gear and begins to produce melanin, which leads to a tan. People with fair skin, however, tend to burn because they have fewer melanocytes and thus produce less melanin. extreme burns can lead to all kinds of unpleasant, such as inflammation and shock.

Some people just naturally more melanin in the skin. They are dark, even if the UV radiation, and do not burn so easily, when they go out in the sun. Those whose families come from Africa or India, for example, the skin is usually darker than the natives. The researchers believe that this is the result of evolution: if you have dark skin, it is probably your father once lived in the tropics, where they were constantly bombarded by UV rays. pale skin means you are a descendant lived much farther from the equator.

Knowing your skin tone is important. Not only will you be able to better protect themselves against the harmful rays of the sun and to obtain a more detailed discussion of certain skin diseases, but will also be able to clothing and hair color is best suited to the largest organ of the body. It is difficult to determine.

The simple distinction by referring to the color of the skin is hot or cold. To determine yours, just look at your arm. What color is your veins? If they are blue, you're a fresh complexion. If they are green, yellow tones you, give you a warm skin tone. But as you probably noticed, when buying makeup or reading a fashion magazine, descriptions and distinctions are often far more

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