Bridal Makeup 2011

2011 is just around the corner, and with it a new trend of brides in wedding season. Nobody wants to be "so last year" for her wedding day, so take some time to catch the latest styles in the new year. These top 5 wedding trends in 2011 will help you a good start.

A: 1950 wedding gowns inspired. This trend began in 2010 and will be hotter than ever in 2011. Look for wedding dresses at the waist, tulle skirts, and lace decorations or arc. The symmetry is also back for the wedding dresses in a big way. Sails are a must with traditional dresses of the 50s inspired. A fun way to add a personal touch to this classic dress is to wear custom bridal jewelry in a pale pink or blue.

Cover up. Many designers showing coordinating cover ups to wear their wedding dresses bustier. Whether a shrug pure beads, a fur jacket or bolero Lace Bridal Makeup 2011
2011 wives realize they have wonderful opportunities elegant cover ups. It's a wonderful thing for a stay cold, of course, and also a great opportunity for a young bride who wants to make her strapless dress more conservatively for a church ceremony. The lid can be quickly removed for the reception, which allows a fresh new look party.

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