Change Your Shades Liptick That Climate Change

Fall Colors Lip

If you read magazines, you know it's makeup trend seems to change with time, and clothing. Restaurant offers color palette for fall colors of pumpkin and spices, with bronzes, browns, taupe and dark red. Lipstick goes with it, with shades darker shades of brown and gold detail.

Winter colors for lips

Winter usually sees a return to a lighter color and the type of stone,

even in black and white. Lips during the day often see red.

Spring Lip Color

Spring comes in pastel tones and pale, but bright pink, light green, lots of white and off white, spring flowers imitate. Lipsticks are also generally lighter in pinks and corals, often transparent shadows.

Summer lip colors

In summer, you'll usually see the brighter colors in clothing. Hawaiiana clothes, party clothes and standard games of the season. Lips can be many colors - lighter and more transparent than air fall and winter, but bolder than the spring.

Matching lipstick to clothes, skin color or time or day?

When it comes to choosing lipstick, there are two schools of thought. Let me choose to match the lipstick and clothes (which are also adapted for color models). But if the color of the face and hair is not suitable for a particular shade of lipstick, the shadow is not wise to use just because it suits sweater. The second (and I believe more effective) idea is that the lipstick will answer first.

There are some general ideas about the red lip look good on the people, but the lipstick at night often ignores the principles of the color of the lips during the day. No matter: the lighting at night is very different, which migrate to the dramatic aspects of the night, and if you like a certain shade, why not use it?

Matching lip color hair color is a bit strange, because no two red (or blonde, or brown) have the same hair and face tones. It is best to answer your lip color to your face. This is not brain surgery, the most expensive are the curtains or hot or cold, and lipstick can play your natural color or in conflict with it. If you want a lipstick that plays it safe, while adding only a little boost of color, find a tone that is only slightly brighter than your natural lip color.

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