How To Choose A Base Color And How To Apply Foundation

When it comes to the art of makeup, foundation is the region where most people make big mistakes. Either they choose the wrong color, end up with skin that appears too light or too dark, or they do not apply it correctly and you end up with a pure mess. Selecting the base color and learn to use it properly can be a challenge, but once you know the basics, you have a flawless skin for life!

Where to go: Foundation for the purchase at a makeup counter in front of a pharmacy

If you're brand new to the idea of ​​choosing the right color of foundation, may be preferable to make a quick trip to the store and visit a Clinique cosmetic counter counter or other assistance and advice. Experts can help you choose the right color. Of course, once you understand the process of choosing the color you can always switch to a brand like Cover Girl and pharmacy colors match the color of the stores selected for you.

Foundation Formula One: Select a foundation type based on your skin type

The first step in choosing your own foundation, however, choose color, but not with the type of formula you need. There are many skin care bases for all kinds of problems. If you have oily skin, you might want to go with a formula of cream or powder. If you have dry skin or combination skin, a liquid formula might work better. Some people like to add a translucent or opaque mineral dust at the base liquid, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Degree of protection: What you need or want to do?

Besides thinking about your skin type you think of the coverage you need and your lifestyle. If your skin is blotchy, you may need a formula that gives a bold coverage, but if you just want to even your tone a little lighter, perhaps more pure form of coverage work better. If you live a very active life and sports, you might even consider waterproof or stick foundation.

Choose the shade or color of the Foundation

When you choose your colors on your own, compare the colors yellow base because they look most natural on all persons. Be sure to look for a shade that matches your own small jaw line, throat color or color inside of your wrist. An expert on makeup counter can help you with this if you choose to visit the store. If you buy at the pharmacy, some will accept exchanges on makeup (even open). Ask a store associate what the store policy is "open" makeup. So remember, if you do not get the right color for the first time you may be able to exchange it for another color.

Check your base color in good lighting

When you come home from the bottom, sitting by the window and experiment with the color on your jaw to make sure it is accurate. It would naturally blend with the skin color and the color of your neck.

If you buy your foundation at a department store. I strongly recommend that you put on your foundation shades jaw near the ear. So look at these samples to natural light shade to make your final choice. Any good makeup counter is also associated recommend.

How to apply foundation for a natural look

Once you are sure that the color is perfect, start by dotting the foundation on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Then use a sponge or your fingers, mix until the point of your face is covered. You can choose to have full coverage of the face that way, or you can also choose to apply foundation where you need more coverage. Both ways, the most important for a natural look is to mix well and do not use more than necessary. Be sure to mix thoroughly, leaving no streaks or zones artificial.

The selection and application of foundation make-up can be difficult, but to get the best trick seems possible, it is important to take time to learn how to do it right!

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