How To Apply Blush For Rosy Cheeks That Lasts

According to InStyle Magazine, in 1948, approximately 66% of American women have had to blush on a regular basis only 47% of American women regularly wearing today. While it seems that the American fascination with blusher is declining, it remains one of the easiest ways for women to get an instant, healthy color.

Application Instructions How Blush Blush


Choose the right Shade Blush

The first step to get the technique perfect blush is down to choose a good color. Whether you prefer a brand of cosmetics affordable than Cover Girl or would rather spend a little more about the elements of a brand store like Sephora, choosing the right color is the key to great results redness. Look for a red color that matches the color plays that you get when you are naturally to be rinsed in cold or the color of your cheeks get when you exercised. Other tips for finding the best color to your cheeks may include an odor fast to see what color or appear to look at your natural lip color (without lipstick) and match it with a blush color.


Choosing the right type of formulation Blush

After the perfect color blush, think blush formula that is best for your skin. If you have oily or combination skin, choose a powder blush. If your skin is dry, choose a cream blush. both liquid and gel blush work for oily skin.


Before Applying Makeup Blush

Make sure you apply your foundation first. Many people also like to use their eye color and lipstick, blush to leave them at the end. The aim is to outline and enhance your face without exaggeration and sometimes leave at the end will help you see how much you really need to use to get the look you want.


Bring a brush to apply Cheek Color Blush

When applying blush, you should use a full size blush brush. Choose the color of the brush, tap the brush to get benefits and brush on your region of the cheekbone in a movement upwards and outwards. Sometimes it helps to give a big smile in the mirror so you can better see where the "apple" of the cheek is.


Where to apply blush on her face

For a healthy, single stroke of the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Make sure you go light and mix well.


How to Fix Too Much Blush

If you find that you have exaggerated blush color and tone is like a clown more than anything, there is hope! Easy to use color bases or soothing mineral loose powder. If you use a cream blush, just use a tissue to clear the color off.


Test Design Blush

If you want a great shadow on your blush, you'll need to experiment a bit '. One of the easiest ways for makeup artists, many experts use a method of shading "C". This requires that you put out a pure powder form of the temples of c-face cheeks. This can help to thin and your face without being too exaggerated.

Blush tips for natural, rosy cheeks


Regularly clean the brushes - When it comes to your blusher brush, you will not do much maintenance. But they must be cleaned from time to time. Use baby wipes to clean the brushes of a couple of weeks. If you do not clean they could gather the seeds and transfer them to your face.


Try Shimmering Blush for Night - If you want a sexy evening look, use light blush around the top of your cheekbones (near the eye).


rougue sweep in one direction - When using blush, be sure to scan only in one direction. If you go to two or more instructions, which will scratch and will not be able to get a natural look.


Cream Blush is best for aging skin - If you're an older woman can cream blush works best for you. It is very easy to blend, a very natural and contribute to hydration of the skin in general. Just use a small dot on the apple of the cheek and blend in a circular motion.


Dusty Rose is best for shadow Universal Blush - If you're not sure what color of blush, try an old pink or very pale pink to begin with. Match almost any color and type.

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