How To Curl Your Eyelashes Steps, Tools And What Not To Do

Why Curl your eyelashes?

One of the best ways to accentuate your eyes and make them more visible is curling your eyelashes. This gives the effect of having a larger, luminous eyes. Your eyelashes appear to expand and to be longer when they are curled. Women who come from eyelashes or pointing down is that change is dramatic when you curl your eyelashes. When you apply makeup like eyeliner and mascara, the results can be very glamorous.

How to choose and how to handle Eyelash Curler

All you need is to curl your eyelashes, eyelash curler, you can buy from anywhere at any pharmacy or supermarket with the cosmetics section. They are available in plastic or metal. curlers, eyelash with the pads, which must be changed every few months. Choose a curler, which is a nice finger holes so that you can get a good grip when you are curling the eyelashes.

Step by step instructions curling eyelashes

1. Start with bare lashes. Always curl lashes before applying mascara. When you curl lashes after applying mascara, which can damage or remove tabs. You are also likely to mask stains and editing, too. You should curl lashes before applying other eye cosmetics such as eye shadow or eyeliner.

2. Use clean equipment. Eyelash Curler Clean well with alcohol or makeup before each use to prevent dirt or bacteria from accidentally getting into eyes. Even if you're the only person using eyelash curler, it is best to make sure it is clean.

3. Hot stuff for lasting curls. Heat the eyelash curler before using it with a hair dryer on low for about 10 seconds. If you do not have a hair dryer at your fingertips, you can run the eyelash curler in hot water for a few seconds. When the tool is heated, it is easier to curl eyelashes. Just be sure to check and make sure the curler is not too hot before placing it too near your eyes.

4. Positioning eyelash curler. Attention to grasp the eyelashes too close to the eyelid. You can squeeze or pull the eyelid, lashes out. Position towards the tips eyelash curler and gently squeeze the pump and the curling iron and hold for several seconds. And 'this, at the foot of the middle and tips on lashes. Some people have shorter lashes, so this can be difficult. You should always use caution when working parts of an eye, your skin is very sensitive in this area and lashes are the easiest way. You can curl, and upper eyelids, but many people tend to curl upper lashes only. Since the lower lashes are usually shorter, are more difficult to grab and Bender, and less likely to hold curl well.

5. Comb your lashes and apply mascara. When curling the lashes, use a lash comb to comb the eyelashes overlap so that they are fully able to apply the mascara. Comb gently again to remove mascara stains and also outside the cover.

What to avoid when curling Lashes

* Never use mascara before curling eyelashes

* Make sure not making eye lashes too close

* Make sure the curler is not too hot to use a hair dryer small room and tested before use

* Use a pressure release tabs to prevent an increase or leave

Now you are ready to use these tips and curly lashes correctly, and also what to avoid if you want to look like a bit 'of extra length lashes. Curling your eyelashes is a great way to increase the brightness of the face without false eyelashes were to choose to get noticed.

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