Wellness: Shaping Eyebrows

I'm crazy eyebrows. They have the magical power to transform your face while the only feature of the face, can change radically without bloodshed. Well, bow front - Edith Piaf thicker than, thinner than Kate Middleton - works better than Botox (which may affect you years) and yet I see so many people neglect, I mourn.

I tell anyone who will listen to get eyebrows shaped work, because it has an incredibly impressive cost / effort / performance. Really, we talk as little as a tenner and an hour and a half to set up your eyebrows to a life of simple DIY maintenance.

Waxing Salon and feet are thin on the right hand, but I recommend the technique of threading to the Indians. The lines are clear and crisp hair, and devoted much less likely. There seems no correlation between cost and competition, then book a consultation.

Get your doctor over just below the forehead, not from above, and to clean between the eyes and something of the drift towards the temples. It can hurt. You sneeze. But you'll look fabulous.

Pamper yourself with a good pair of pliers to hold them between appointments. On the makeup day, fill the brows with a brown eye shadow before fixing with brow gel. Here are my essential toolkit.

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