Cranberry Lip Gloss Easy Home Recipe

Enjoy your lips soft and smooth with delicious blueberry lip gloss. This is not only natural and organic, but also gives a finished look with a touch of color.

Cosmetics are always the first love of women. We all want to look good and beautiful, but have you ever noticed that cosmetic products are rich in impurities. Stay beautiful and charming, without using harmful chemicals, biological Cranberry Lip Gloss sample. The lip gloss with cranberry house not only thrive add to your lips, but its natural ingredients will also contain plasticizers that keep your lips healthy.

Seductive and glossy Cranberry Lip Gloss brings a touch of love to improve the color of your lips together and promote the natural antioxidants. In addition to organic and pure, homemade cranberry lip gloss is good taste, which is perfect for the holidays. Using a homemade cranberry lip gloss, you can free yourself from the worry of eating the lipstick and its harmful ingredients. Not only blueberry lip gloss makes your lips deliciously kissable, but you are free to lick your lips all day in practice, using edible blueberry lip gloss.

Despite the wonderful benefits of the cranberry lip gloss is not difficult to make at home. With the hassle free process of making cranberry lip gloss home, you can enjoy the beauty and health combined. The recipe for beautiful lip care to make a perfect home cranberry lip gloss is as follows:

* Ingredients for Cranberry Lip Gloss house:

Subsequently, the equipment required for delicious cranberry lip gloss:

* 1 tablespoon sweet almond oil

* 10 fresh cranberries

* 1 teaspoon honey

* 1 drop vitamin E oil


1. Place all ingredients into the bowl in the microwave and mix well. Place cranberry lip gloss ingredients in a microwave for two minutes or until mixture begins to boil.

2. Stir the mixture gently and crush the blueberries.

3. Put the lip gloss cranberry mixture aside to cool for five minutes, then sieve to remove all pieces of fruit.

4. Mix well again and let the mixture cool completely.

5. After the lip gloss cranberry mixture to cool, pour into a small plastic container or tin laptop.

6. Use this great homemade cranberry lip gloss spreading some on her lips.

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