The Choice Of Red Lipstick Right For Your Skin

When used correctly, the red lipstick can make a woman look and feel sexy, feminine and sexy! However, if he chooses the wrong tone of red, which can reach more like a clown with a fox. So be careful when choosing the right red lipstick on your skin.

If you would like it glam with red lipstick this season, follow these tips on how to choose the red lipstick on the right!

How to Test Lipstick Color makeup counter

If you do not want to lose money on the colors just do not work in your skin tone, you better go to the cosmetics counter, where you can actually try the red lipstick before you buy. Some drug stores have a color change of policy that can bring unwanted lipstick on your receipt back to another change in tone. But there are few that offer such a guarantee, and many of you can make only one change per item, which can lead to difficulties if the exchange, even less flattering color a second time. Also, some brands such as Revlon Color Guide to offer close to their presentation to help you choose the best shade for your skin tone.

Lipstick on the sample is the best way to see how it looks. Trying to rub it on hand to test the shadow is pretty useless because it will always be different on your lips. So visit your local Clinique counter or cosmetics in department store counter to test a few shades off!

makeup lipstick and red Shadows Correspondents

For starters, make sure you have red tones that complement and work with your complexion. His complexion is warm or cold, with skin tones are often paler shades of pink and full. Warm skin tones often darker shades of olive, with hints of blue.

If your skin is a cold, remember to look for red with shades of pink. Lots of red in shades of berry, blackberry, plum and brick, ideal for cool toned ladies. Red with shades of blue are also known to have a visual effect of bleaching your teeth, which is always a plus.

If your skin has a warm tone, look for the red and yellow tones. Many times they are flattering red lipstick orange hues, warm colors, red tomatoes, brown base colors, shades of brown or golden hue.

Some experts even argue the beauty of classic red lipstick primary work on all skin tones, though!

Implementation and red lipstick without looking Overdone

Wearing the perfect red lipstick can make you look like a sexy fox has all the equipment, it is important not to overdo it with the rest of your makeup when you click on the red lips. If you want to use red lipstick, which is the star of your face. Do not try to do dramatic eye shadow or blush exaggerate, or make you look like you are too. A pair of red lips neutral eye shadow, black mascara and a thin liner. To add a little 'blush, which is the current color of the lipstick itself, but to take light. You can add a bit 'of glamor to your face instead of a light pen, so you look radiant without looking like you tried too hard. Red is the color for all seasons, from spring to winter, so be sure to find a good tone, which runs through the whole year.

Most women choose lipstick at night to feel glamorous, you can also choose to use it for hours during the day. Just moderate a bit. Layer your favorite lipstick on a huge red glow slightly to make it lighter and brighter.

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