Choosing And Applying Lipstick, Liner And Gloss For The Perfect Pout

The best lipsticks are long-lasting, perfectly colored and made from ingredients that enhance not only watching, but the health of your lips as well. The best lip looks rely on knowing the best colors of the skin. Use these lip tips to keep your makeup beautiful and your lips smooth and soft.

Basic Lip Care: Smooth Lipstick Lips Search more help

If your lips are chapped or dry, uneven and lipstick will fade quickly. Tiny lines around the mouth that can capture the colors that cause lipstick to "bleed" is never a good look! Use a soothing lip treatment or lip balm moisturizes and improves the lips, to give a uniform color of the lip. Search for a soothing lip care essential oil of marjoram, lavender and tarragon, which goes to pinch the heat and promotes healing. A soft, beautiful lips, lip color and feels better than ever!

Lip Color Choice: What is the proper tone of your skin?

One of the biggest challenges is to make the choice of the right lip color. Some women can vary their lipstick in terms of their wardrobe, a big no-no, since lipstick is supposed to compliment your complexion!

It is not hard to choose lipstick colors when you know a simple fact. All you need to know if your skin tone is "warm" or "cool." It is not as light or dark you are, or even a hair color or eyes, but the background of your skin is, it has a bluish (cool) or yellow (warm)? Everyone is either hot or cold, and it's all over the face to color: blond, blond and red can be one.

Find hot or cold skin Undertone

So how can you tell if you're not sure? Dig the make-up bag and find just two shades of any type of makeup, lipstick, eye shadow and blush. Search for a single color is orange and rust and the other is a pink or lavender. Rub the color of the apple of your cheek and the other colors of an apple the other cheek, and then compare. Do I look more "right" than others? You do look garish or just wrong? Those who run seem to skin tone. If the color orange seems fair, warm tone, if the pink color looks right, you're cool.

Now that you know your skin tone, you are free to choose any color on the lips in the family. But this is not just wearing a shade of lipstick you still have plenty of choice! Check out the list of potential lip shades of a color scheme:

Warm colors

Coral, Peachy, Russet, Rust, amber, brown, brick red, melon, salmon, orange, sandalwood, red and yellow undertone, Taupe

Cool colors

Pink, raspberry, cherry, blackberry, lavender, plum, pink, strawberry, Crimson, Amethyst, purple, red shade with blue, purple

As you can see the color names associated with warm and cool tones tend to fall into two groups. Warm tones tend to be earthy, woody, with only a few names of fruit (peach and melon). cool tones tend to contain the names of berries, which are often shades of pink or purple shades with blue or red. women hot / cold can both wear lipstick, but the "true red" tend to be bluish, so warm women should look for reds with a slight leaning towards brown or orange. Once you understand your skin, the trick is not to fall into a nice name, when the shade does not flatter your skin. Lipstick makers know that a lush name, reminiscent of flowers or jewels or romance, selling red lip, even if the color looks terrible on most women. So beware!

Lips: Apply before lipstick to enhance lip shape

If you do not want to stray too far from the natural shape of your lips, lipstick can add clean definition while subtly but powerfully redefining your mouth. Draw just outside your natural lip line, lip pencil adds fullness are only inside, your lips appear slightly thinner.

Want to make a sexy pout? Add fullness to the lower edge of the Lip Pencil two shades lighter than you are using your upper lip.

Love Julia Roberts look like? Softens and improves the top line of the lip pencil drawing lips a blow, and then soil is always slightly upward at the end of your little finger. Blot, then apply the lipstick on the edge of the original table.

Get completely free lipstick, make sure you have a Lip Liner pencils in different colors. Lip Pencil One just can not cut: you must use a pencil slightly lighter or darker than the lip to create the illusion of fullness, or slightly heavier lips thinned.

Lip gloss and shine Add Fun If ... No Goop!

You can not buy lip gloss from a pharmacy, unless you want a gloppy, sticky, gooey mess, possibly adorned with small pieces of glitter and a strong heavy odor of chewing gum. Branding may have many ingredients to confusion, but we have decoded the makeup conditions of their true meaning. Perfect for tweens, lip gloss for adults to add shine and subtle color. But the best shades for lips do more than you shine: they add essential oils such as mandarin, clove, mint, lavender, vanilla, grapefruit and rose. Essential oils not only add health to your lips: their natural scents create instant aromatherapy when applied to the lips. Vanilla and peppermint have been shown to increase happy feelings, grapefruit and tangerine give you an energy boost, pink and lavender are perfect to calm and soothe stressed nerves. Lip gloss with essential oils that does more than make you look fantastic: it makes you feel beautiful too!

warm and cold apply your lip gloss choices they make your lipstick. Choose a color a shade lighter or darker than your favorite lipstick and an additional color light-love, or just use a natural, beautiful look.

Buy the lip color on a budget

You want to maximize your lip color wardrobe? Choose your lipstick and lip liner to add a darker shade of lipstick each, and finally choose a lip gloss shade lighter than each lipstick. Make sure your lip pencil, lipstick and lip gloss are all the same color that matches your skin tone. Remember the soothing treatment to protect your lips soft, no matter what color you wear!

Change the color of lipstick from day to night

Daily lipstick would be less severe during the night of your show, but they often jump from work at night without a home. With a small portable lip palette, you can raise the shade day and night and in integrating the lip pencil no extra effort to fit in your purse! Carry a small compact newspaper in the shade, and add another color effects in addition to it. Or use the brightness of day and night to make lipstick. lipstick when you're out in the evening, we glammed-up is correct and exactly where it is needed.

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