This Is The Case Of Make-up Of Bad Acne?

If you're a young person to endure the trials of puberty or an adult against a surprise attack twisted hormones, acne can make you want to make a paper bag over his head. While it's understandable desire to disappear, but definitely not practical. Like it or not, you have to face the world while waiting for their grain to clear. Hiding these defects is easier to hide the head, but the use of makeup to cover can pose its own set of challenges well.First, you need to understand what causes acne. Contrary to popular belief, you do not get acne because they do not wash your face enough or eating too much fried food. Dirty skin

fat diets do not cause acne, the glands do not [source: American Academy of Dermatology]. skin's sebaceous glands produce oil designed to keep the tissue moist and protected. Acne results when the sebaceous glands too much oil, oil that clog pores and encourage the growth of bacteria. Inflamed acne bumps do not seem to know only the face, but also in areas like the chest and back [source: WebMD].

Once you know what you have acne, you can work to hide and heal over time. If you wear makeup to hide your acne, be sure not to create new buttons covering it already has. To avoid increasing the production of oil and clog your pores, you need to know what's in your cosmetics.

Besides hiding, treat acne, it will disappear while you record. Treatment options include:

* OTC and prescription topical treatments

* Topical and oral antibiotics

* Hormone Therapy

* As skin treatments dermabrasion, chemical peels and photodynamic [source: American Academy of Dermatology] therapy

To find the best treatment plan for your skin, you can consult a dermatologist. When you receive your treatment of acne in place, you can use makeup to hide your pimples while you wait for them to heal. Read on to learn how to use makeup without aggravating your acne.

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