How To Cut Bob Hairstyles

Although there are many rocks on the road to cut bob and bob I just want to concentrate on a typical normal that most think of when I think of Bob.

Step One:

Wet your head completely, which usually includes a shampoo and conditioner, so that all products are removed from the hair. You want to start most of the hair with a clean palette to work with.

Step Two:

§ seven sections of the hair of the head - left, top, right, left crown, right crown, left nape and right nape. Skip to about a quarter of an inch and a half along the perimeter. From the front, comb your hair straight in front and the desired length. Most of the rocks on the chin, or somewhere nearby.

• Important: Do not put stress on the hair and held the cup. The shock is designed to hang on your own power and will give mixed results.

Step Three:

When the length of the front is a set, you can go to the head. You can use a comb or a long ruler of this next step is entirely up to you, as it is to follow the line guide back surgery. Run a comb through hair to ensure that nothing is folded, or hidden, and then make sure that there is tension, you can cut an inch guide to the desired length. From here, we work back to front up to the front rail.

• Note: Hold the scissors in the horizontal (floor), when you cut to avoid the hills and valleys, or better known as irregularities. This course does not apply if it appears that you are going.

Step Four:

Now begins the neck and the left and right side of the hairstyles are down. Then, using the previous surgical techniques and a guide to cut the new parts in reverse, left, then right, or vice versa, only one at a time. Then, repeat this on the left side, right side, left the crown, and the right of the crown, repeated cutting guides and forms of the above, until all sections are complete.

Step Five:

The crown is next is to take down and divide it by the middle of the head. He Spread evenly on each side of the head and cut again as before.

Step Six:

After the final cuts are made, and you are happy with it dry completely upside down. Then use a flat iron to completely fill the style makes it smooth and straight. If the ends are too much for you, just hang there, you can close with a curling iron just finished using it if they are slightly curled under.

Apply a small amount of paint, if desired. And there you have the end result should be a simple and elegant style that is timeless and a breeze to take care of.

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