How To Choose Clothes That Make You Look Thinner

If you are overweight, and choose the right clothes is very important to look thin. Every woman wants to look beautiful day, thinner days and therefore 90% of women develop the habit of looking at the scale that weighs almost daily.

Most women prefer to go to the gym, rigorous exercise running on treadmills for hours and women prefer to starve to reduce their meals to nearly zero (which is very harmful to the health of women), but there are times when we wondered if these routines are currently working on?

Dieting may or may not help you lose weight but make you weak from inside. Have you ever wondered what the women's clothing can be easily modified according to body shape and structure make you look slim and fashionable.

A slight change in your wardrobe can help you strategically plan to look thinner without losing those extra kilos.

Tips for choosing clothes that make you thin

Here are some tips on how to choose clothes that make you look slim:

* - Avoid color scheme - Try using a colored cloth as much as possible to give a slimmer look and more.

* - Use black - black color gives your body shape that defines a look that makes him look thinner hide these extra points of fat.

* - Stopping Loose - Loose clothing can not fool all the people and can not hide its excess fat, make you look bigger and outdated. So try to use equipment.

* - Use vertical stripes - Avoid wearing horizontal stripes, as they will make you look fat and bulky, yes, wear vertical stripes longer and thinner.

* - Avoid wearing tight clothing - tight clothing further away from their bad fat that is easily visible. Moreover, too tight pants are not friendly.

* - Avoid adding extra at the waist - extra material around your waist as a belt, pleated trousers, elastic waist or the size of the chain only will add weight around your waist that looks fat, avoid if possible.

* - Extend your body - Wear long pants that cover your shoes to look taller and thinner.

* - Hips coverage heavy - Use a small, padded clothing, sweaters, to reach or cover the hips, jacket, shirt, sweater dresses, etc. to give yourself a slimmer look. You can also try a combination of lighter upper body, and dark stockings. Avoid the use of an umbrella, apron, and cuts, because they make you look fat, if possible, on a bus.

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