25 Stars In Red Lipstick (and What Can Be Learned

Keep your jewelry natural
With a fat lip, avoid bright beads: Do as Alicia Keys and stick with black and gold earrings dangling.
Choose a location for the Day
A gloss or stain is less severe for the day. Go this way for a group of bohemians, like Anne Hathaway.
Stay True
Make a fashion statement? A bright red light, as a real Jennifer Lopez is the best complement to a dramatic overall
Create a contrast
Contrary to popular belief, you can use red lips and red dress, just do not go to the exact correlation. Instead, spend your color palette, as Malin Akerman. Young intends to try to Vampy burgundy hue.
He sweep
An updo luxuries like Rose Byrne is a great way to show, not compete with a fat lip.
Red lips can add a color pop is dressed in black and white, or can be completed throughout the evening.
Tap More T
Take it to Tyra Banks, a deep scarlet lip is the perfect touch of femininity to deal with apparel inspired clothing.
Consider your complexion
"It is true red lipsticks look great with dark skin, the color tends to appear more against the golden hues, such as Zoe Saldana," said Stiles.
Quickie red lip
You can pull off a bold lip, even if you're in a hurry. Just to go a little 'eye makeup like Cate Blanchett. "If you do not have time to form eyes, red lips are a great way to look polished yet," says celebrity stylist Kate Young.
A taste for wine
Take a welcome break in the summer of Super Neon pigmented and choose a shade of deep wine that Gwen Stefani is the case.
Redheads can wear Red
Jayma Mays shows that red hair is fine red lipstick. Pop of color to draw a face together.
According to Quynh, warmer red tones flatter olive-skinned brunettes, like Cheryl Cole.
Illumina pale skin
If you have fair skin like Amanda Seyfried, choose a red with some orange in it. "The tomato red really jumps on fair skin," says Stiles. "It looks so chic and beautiful."
Really Rosy
Keep it family of color: red lips to complement Selena Gomez blush of pink on cheeks and dark.
Break It Down
For the lips flawless as Amber Heard, Nadine breaks the application into three phases. "Applying the lipstick directly from the tube, then use a mixture of eye shadow brush to apply loose powder to set the transparent color to the lips," he advises. "Follow with a second layer with a brush lips."
Put the cream
If you want to dress to show night, Nadine suggests to choose a lipstick with a creamy finish, such as Diane Kruger.
Tart with a spot
For a color that remain to this Liv Tyler Stiles overlay is to provide your products. "A good trick is to use a lipstick stain and then apply a gloss clear or stained cherry on it," she said. "It helps the color hung over."
Mix Textures
Take your face painting in mind when choosing lipstick. "I like to mix textures," says Quynh. "If your eyes and cheeks wet, use a smooth finish to avoid looking at bright pictures." Kim Kardashian gets a good balance with his dark skin and lip gloss.
Find Star
Matte or glossy? Find the perfect formula for the Crimson and the finish of the lipstick.
Arise Matte
Matte lipsticks, as seen on the red bold Rachel McAdams are among the favorites Stiles. "I think the matte lipsticks be fantastic low maintenance," she said. "They keep the color to travel and they are not as dry as the plates of the past."
Soft Scrub
"If you have any piece of dry skin that will stand out and ruin your perfect red lips," says celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles. To create a perfect pout like Nicole Kidman, Stiles suggests a lip exfoliating scrub, then slathering on a rich lip balm.
This brush
Apply a shiny red like the tone of Taylor Swift's society, a synthetic brush lip.
Combine it with Liner
Lipstick should not be a solo act. Emma Stone Quynh May make reports pulling two trends at once, "even lipstick this season with a drama came deep eyes. Although the coating is in the fall."
Kiss Balm
Keep your favorite tube of lip balm at the bedside, and apply it every night before going to bed to fight for chapped lips, pouting sworn enemy of the Scarlet is as Blake Lively.
Learn about Lip Liner
Try to match Lip Liner shade is exactly the ring tone or darker more free. "Lip Pencils are the way to create a more defined, the full board. They create more depth at the edges and corners," says Pati Dubroff makeup artist, who works Julianne Moore.
Carry Concealer
When shopping for red lipstick, like Fergie, be sure to wear concealer to cover any severe skin redness. You can look at when looking to have colors, and feel less ruddy.
Preparation time
Take a deep red lip perfectly, if you have two seconds to an hour to prepare.
Monochromatic tones Break Up
The port of earth tones and bright colors of red lipstick can sometimes seem exaggerated. Do what Freida Pinto and wear your black, red and white. "When it comes to fashion, I love pairing red lips with Stark black colors like white and gray," says the famous makeup Amy Nadine.
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