8 Haircuts Fall We Know You'll Love

Katie Holmes is certainly Levels

What is extra-long hair on his chest along with subtle thinning at the ends to keep a look Marcia Brady.

The six WHO should try that girl a long silky coat that dries instantly with virtually no effort? Meet your new haircut. "I do not recommend this look for someone based on bangs hair weekly. If you can commit to a style, it is ultimately the least effort to cut," says Townsend.
Cat Deeley Classic Long Levels

WHAT Chunky, face-framing layers tapered ends. "These levels are not mixing. This is not the 90's, Jennifer Aniston seems," says Townsend. "Do you really want to be your own stylist cut layers of two types of jaw and collarbone."

Efforts should be "I like this for anyone with lots of beautiful hair is the kind of woman with a ponytail that is two inches thick," says Townsend. Layers provide an instantaneous movement, but always let you show all that hair luxuriant.
Heidi Klum in all layers

What is the opposite of reduction of the mother. "Heidi's hair is half long, which can be a bit dated, but due to layers of trenches across dimensions, has a great shape and is a bit matronly," said Townsend.

WHO should try "I can not think of a woman who would not look good in this cup," said Townsend said, the issue needs some maintenance:. Keep the layers around the face carved on the cheeks (no more) is essential to preserve the atmosphere of youth
Tyra Banks is a wavy bob and bangs straight

WHAT 'BOB long-running and gradually narrows from the shoulders and collarbone. "Because of his outbursts are driven ends, a straight line is not too difficult," says Townsend.

WHO should try the long bangs would be good to moderate a high forehead, loose layer of work for almost any hair texture. Those with wavy strands will enjoy zero-and-go ease of searching, but take the time to smooth the edges
Bangs over Jennifer Love Hewitt and Bob

What is thick, curved bangs and a bob cut a few inches below the collarbone. "This cup is all about the blunt," said Townsend. "There are some soft layers on the bottom of the hair, but the look is very bright and very modern."

WHO should try to "This aa very well see a person with thick hair," said Townsend. Stratification is hidden and helps fine hair down well with a minimalist style. Read: less time fighting with the hair dryer and iron.
Ashlee Simpson Pixie perfect

WHAT 'a fresh update on Boxer Pixie ejaculation is asymmetric short back, face framing bangs. "Long-bit on the side are so flirtatious," says Townsend.

Who should try the latest hair style that is real in the best practices of beautiful hair! "The small details in this cup will be very stressful if you have baby hair, soft," says Townsend. And, of course, keep in mind that the microphone of this type are ideal for women with delicate features.
Evan Rachel Wood Crop Punk Rock

What he is short on the sides, long at the top cut. "Because the hair covering the ears, like the feminine cut," said Townsend. "The boys are lined with hair cuts around the ears."

That should address this aspect Townsend for those who have straight hair or wavy. "It's a versatile look that can increase the volume and create very interesting styles," he said.
Dianna Agron is Shaggy Bob

WHAT '"I call this hairstyle" Shab, "Giannandrea says hairdresser, who created this aspect is good." It 'a cross between a bob and fuck. "The hair was cut on his shoulders, and then razored from back to front at a slight angle." This is a style that speaks of lifestyle. "

WHO should try "less than the strip, would be a good short cut for someone with curly hair," said Mark Townsend salon. "The side pieces are held hair layers to form the dreaded A-shape." Otherwise, versatile cutting work to address the majority of shapes and textures.

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