Fashion 2012

Mode 2012 is the official business of the fashion industry for the Olympic year. Created by the British Fashion Council (BFC) is a central platform with the industry is able to present and celebrate British fashion. It will provide a central concern for the industry and the timing of major fashion events and activities throughout the Olympic year in London.

Method 2012 has three main objectives - to celebrate and showcase our talents in an extraordinary way to inspire and educate young people to become involved in the industry, a legacy of supporting and rewarding future for our fashion stars of the future.

The program will be announced September 16, 2011 at the opening of Fashion Week BFC Chairman Harold London Tillman by the EPC and the Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

Online platform allows the public to register the consumer movement in the first newsletter in the live program in December of 2011, ready for 2012.

The online resource Fashion 2012 will be to promote and showcase events, exhibitions and activities around the mode through the 2012 e This will be supported by a downloadable application that will give you information on the events with links to Google Maps and more interactive content.

Fashion 2012 highlights the breadth and depth of talent in the United Kingdom and the role of creative capital of London.

Activities include: -

- The series presents exhibitions, including two of London Fashion Week in February and September, the great exhibitions in London and the V & Show Rooms showcase international designers to promote abroad BFC

- Municipality BFC / British Council, the project brings the world's most exciting designers emerging in London Fashion International Fashion Window Fashion 2012

- A major effort for Men UK offers a range of activities both in Britain and abroad

- An educational project in collaboration with Adidas and BFC Colleges Council

- CFB / Bazaar Fashion Arts Showcase 2012 - "Britain Creates 2012" - in collaboration with the Mayor of London

Other events and activities is still under development, BFC, and calls for industry to participate in the celebration of the best of British fashion e-mail address 2012 for expressions of interest for the development of the calendar.

Harold Tillman, CBE, chairman of the BFC, said: "In 2012, the world's eyes will be upon us - we want to show the world that Britain is the main force in the global creative sphere. Our reputation in fashion like no other and we will ensure that the reputation is presented and celebrated in the widest possible audience in the world and there are opportunities for the industry to participate and participate. "

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