How To Choose Lipstick

Lipstick Properties

What is the ideal perfect lipstick? Well, keep the color, moisturize and protect skin from the lips soft. Also, do not be too dry or too early to go. You can not run or leave stains on the lips after takeoff.

Based on the different properties of lipstick can be of three types: resistant, matte and glossy. Lipstick on the screen is bright and sustainable for a long time, because some of the waxes and water-resistant materials in its composition. Sustainable lipstick should be applied to dry lips. One minute to correct lipstick. After that you can enjoy the lips are colored in about eleven hours. However, if you have selected a lipstick lasting products not to eat fat, because they can easily remove the lipstick.

Matte lipstick contains a lot of powder and wax. The color is deep and mysterious. It looks good on full lips, but avoiding too thin.

To create the illusion of fuller lips, try a lip gloss. It applies easily, moisturises well and makes the skin soft.

In order to remove the lipstick always look good in excess lipstick with a tissue. Apply one coat of lipstick, and remove the excess lipstick again. In addition to bite the fabric to remove lipstick from your teeth.

When you apply the liquid and use moisturizing lipsticks Lip Liner to prevent the execution of lipstick. The lips are the perfect shape. You can search for Lip Liner as a basis, this will help to keep the color longer.

If you do not use lip liner on the lips a natural, but not in any way.

Be careful when choosing the color of your lipstick. Try to choose a shade similar to the color of lipstick, if the makeup is too vulgar.

The right color of lipstick is not easy, but possible. For the selection of lipstick to the store a lot of it applies to your fingertips, not the wrist on the skin. The problem is that the color of your lipstick can look different depending on the color of your natural lip color lips. And the color of your skin with your finger is closer to this color.

If you buy a lipstick in a good shop vendors give you good advice. But if you can not count on this kind of thing anyone with your time figuring out what color looks more like the lips.

For example, if lips are full dull shades look better: all shades of purple, brown and bronze. Thinner lips look great with lighter shades. Should choose a platinum blonde delicate berry, cappuccino and pink-purple color. Or blondes can select a coral, apricot and peach.

Women with blond hair, olive-skinned and red haired beauties can love brick red, cinnamon and dark color lipstick fishing.

All the lipstick contains waxes, oils, moisturizers, dyes, softeners and agents. These are the ingredients you should be careful when trying to determine the quality of the lipstick. Wax makes the lipstick smooth and easy to spread.

Beeswax and palm wax in Brazil are the most used in the production of cosmetics.

The oils most commonly used in the composition of lipstick are: castor oil, mineral oil, olive oil and coconut oil, and lanolin and petroleum jelly. Castor oil is a necessary component of the composition of lipstick as it is one that adds shine to color.

Many manufacturers do not use aloe vera, amino acids, collagen, vitamin E, moisturizing and sun protection ingredients, which makes lips soft and handsome, and to protect them from bad influence on the environment.

When choosing lipstick medical care, it can provide to their lips. Lots of wax and oils will make your lips smooth and soft, while the increased number of vitamin A and C to protect lips from the negative influence of climatic and environmental factors.
Every woman knows the importance of lipstick. I can not even imagine what we could use if the lipstick was not invented.

However, not all of us make up properly. It seems so easy to use, but how it looks on the lips of the girls that we see around us says a lot about these skills to use and what is more important, to select it.

The choice of lipstick is often a very complex issue. The range of lipstick color is so rich now, it's no wonder why some women are making a mistake when they do. In addition, the actual color of your lipstick can be a little 'different from what you have is the result of your lips. In addition, the lipstick color should be commensurate with the type of skin.

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