Sephora OPI Nail Heaven

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Brush-On Cuticle Oil is a daily staple of mine.

Sephora by OPI Nail Treatments
Who couldn’t use some extra time? Since we can’t stop time with our mind (or do you have a secret?) the Nail Colour Drying Drops look promising. They say you only have to wait one minute after painting your nails to apply this, and hopefully that’s true. I’d hate to apply this only to see that it ruins my manicure.
It is fair to say I am very excited about the collaboration between the beauty mecca, Sephora, and large companies OPI nail. You can now buy the nail polish on the label of "Sephora by OPI" less, no surprises here - Sephora (or OPI That's all, and only at Sephora. Take a look ...

Sephora by OPI Nail Polish

At $ 9.00 each, there are over 54 shades made with quality you always expect from OPI. For fall, I recommend dark colors like Mr. Right Now (classic wines), Because I Said So (metallic Burgundy), to meet with drinks (shimmering magenta plum), Ms. Can not be wrong (deep mulberry ) and Brunette on the Internet (dark chocolate with cranberries - Although it looks more like a sweet experience to eat).

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