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Hands pressed between meetings or lunch, a short cut to fit the face is anything but relaxing. Trust us, we know! Give yourself (and your wallet) a break from the race to own a weekend house for a couple of spa treatments. We talked about Jamie Ahn, president of Townhouse Spa in New York, get tips Pro imitating a preferred treatment for the comfort of your home. Some reflexology?

Friday night, ... Treat yourself to a facial

Start by washing your face to remove dirt and oil, then go over it with a toner cartridge, such as tea tree oil toner Kiehl to stimulate and balance the moisture in the skin. Even if your skin is still wet ink, rub a gentle exfoliating face scrub mud like Ahava in the T zone and cheeks (where the oil flows often). Rinse and dry.

The next (and true spa atmosphere) with a spatula or a brush to apply the mask. "It 'important to include a neck and neck, because they are too dead giveaway to your age true," says Ahn. Super moisturizing mask for the face, try mixing oatmeal with honey and leave on the skin for about 20 minutes. If you have oily skin, choose something more chilling than the greek yogurt with pureed strawberries. Of course, your favorite bottle also acts as a mask! Remove the mask with warm water and dry. Re-staining, and finally a moisturizer.

Saturday ... Relax with a foot massage

Add a little extra punch to your pedi (which is tomorrow, by the way) with a reflexology treatment yourself. "The goal of reflexology is to play with pressure points, which are connected with the organs of his body," said Ahn. Use a moisturizing cream base without sliding, as Jason cocoa butter, and press start in different areas of your foot with your thumb. Experimentation is key, but the combination of precise pressure points on their bodies to print an online map and follow reflexology.

"Your body and your brain tells you to touch the most sensitive points," said Ahn. When you feel comfortable with the thumb, try to use the knuckle of your index finger. Focus on one area at a time for a few minutes to relieve the maximum voltage. Press each area with bombs hock soon, and then slide the knuckle-half inch from the top down in the area of ​​return and repeat.

Last Sunday ... And 'Mani / Pedi time!

Start by filing your nails from the mold, before your manicure. When the mold is fixed, soaked in coconut milk in three minutes to soften cuticles. "If you let your nails soak longer, they will expand and you will be working with a small nail that is out of its natural form," said Ahn. Then rub a little olive oil or cuticle oil such as oil Creative Nail Design Solar to each cuticle and gently push them back using a key of Orange wood cuticle. "Try not to use wire cutters money at home," warns Ahn. "If you accidentally cut too much, you can create a space between your cuticles and the skin where bacteria can cause infection of the port. "To remove the excess skin, gently rub a nail brush back onto your nails.

Create a scrub using coconut milk, you dived in, mixed with a few spoonfuls of sugar. Make sure that when you exfoliate rubbing elbows while preforming your manicure and knee when you make your pedicure. Rinse and use a cream with shea butter or cocoa to moisten your hands and feet. "You never want to use a moisturizer loaded with oils and creams are closer to more pampered," said Ahn. From the top of your hands and feet have many sweat glands, they are drier, so start hydrating the first and use the surplus below.

"Remove the excess fat is essential for final polishing," said Ahn. He begins to wipe his hands and feet with a cloth and then go to each nail with acetone polish remover without sure you get the bottom and sides of the nails. "The choice of the basis of the law and the coats are essential, as the base layer is like the tape and the top layer acts as an umbrella in color

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