Summer Makeup

In addition to beautifying a woman, also in summer makeup tips to reduce exposure to the sun on your face and stop secret beauty of a woman.

In addition to beautifying a woman, also in summer makeup tips to reduce sun exposure in the face. In summer, the makeup will not be too long. makeup tips for women was helping to keep the makeup fixed for the day and fresh air and beautiful all day.

summer makeup tips listed here will help keep the make-up during a hot summer day and keep up with your beauty secret of the latest cosmetic products on the market.

* Apply the foundation of the summer

Use pure summer makeup leaving the skin to retain moisture, but blocks breathing, and with an SPF of 15. The basis and applies to the hottest days of the season should be in the sunlight along a block of moisturizer. The complexion becomes darker in summer, which is why the foundation is based on that. Start by applying the cream or moisturizer on your face then use liquid foundation SPF provides a power of makeup on your face to keep even the hottest days.

* Apply the powder

In summer, dust and the foundation seems so heavy on the face and a feeling of lightness and freshness to use a sponge to apply foundation. But the use of transparent bronzing powder after the foundation for a radiant skin look lighter. Also, apply a concealer under the eyes of little to improve your beauty and style in the summer.

* Makeup Summer

Neutral and lighter shades are ideal for eye makeup in the summer. Try using eye shadow with glitter and easy on the eye of beige, gold, brown, yellow and such, but give a hint to clean eyelashes. Apply light coat of mascara on the lashes a little blanket away, but fine for the night. eyeliner pencil use of attractive colors such as slate gray, black, chocolate or dark blue. That naturally makes your eyes wide and vast.

* Apply lipstick summer

Lipstick is difficult to keep the summer days as it disappeared as the day goes. A summer makeup tips is to keep your lipstick intact. Apply a layer of powder on your lips before applying lipstick, because it is sticky powder and stay on your lips all day. Lipstick colors are festive fashion this summer, frosted pink, golden glow and lip gloss fuchsia.

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