Emirate Naz Cannon Designer Brand For Men To Fly Off The Shelves

Like all pioneers, he had only his opponent's face when he decided to launch a label for men edgy little over a year ago.

And there were many.

"They said many things," recalls UAE Nasser Mohammad Al Midfa designer, the man behind the fashion line Naz Cannon. "The most common reason was:" It is something that is not even part culture. "

Yet, as trend setters usually do, 26 years, up from Sharjah. "He pushed me," he says. "He encouraged me and made me want to do more."

It would be easier, he admits, if it was for the design, ie rather wear a woman or even kandouras or other "traditionally acceptable" models.

But no. Irritable and high-end clothing at MIDF strong silhouettes, some even a bit 'androgynous, and dare I say, cutting-edge fashion from a regional perspective. Think exaggerated harem pants, jackets, high-cut that only cover the chest and is embedded in the tips, studded jackets and T-shirt Lady Gaga prints.

And it works. Naz steals clothes Cannon is the new uber-cool fashion store Bullets & Butterflies of Dubai's Mercato Mall, where they are currently only being sold.

"Be not afraid"

He just released his second collection, his first full-fledged tabloid! reveals only the eyes.

With all spikes, bumps, cuts and drapes, it's easy to see where the inspiration comes from designer.

"Yes, I am a great fan of John Galliano, Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens, Alexander McQueen, said the list of fashion trendsetters who became known as the pioneer crafts.

"They are different and not afraid."

A government employee, Al MIDF said his decision to launch the label was born from the frustration of not being able to find exclusive clothes to wear.

"Fashion is an expression of yourself," he says. "And even if all the characters, I'm here, I did not find any wear that took me out and express their individuality."

So two years ago, decided to make their own clothes. It was not long before his friends started to notice his drawings and asked his own songs. Soon, Al MIDF received orders that the word spread.

Encouraged by the response, he decided to travel for a few months in Osaka, Japan, and enrolled in a course design brief. Therefore, empowered by his return, he asked the help of his friend and now business partner, Al Merri Khowla, an artist, and has launched a blog where he could showcase his clothes and accept more orders.

Naz Cannon was born.

Catering to a growing niche, Al MIDF clothing immediately attracted the Emirate, the entrepreneur and sisters Hind Ali Bin Kharbash, who are looking for local talent of the new concept store that they were about to begin. The idea was to save the store's fashion show pieces for people looking for unique ways to express themselves in highly polluted cities. Naz and Cannon seems to fit right in.

Al Midfa created his first collection to bind to the Bullets and the throttle opening in December last year and has not looked back since. His second collection for spring-summer, which just arrived on store shelves, is an ode to his hero, troubled designer John Galliano. "I'm really sorry about what happened to him," he said.

"And I hope he comes back and gives us a bit 'more magic."

A collection of T-shirts in honor of Galliano is currently being planned, he added.

Still sharper than his first, Al MIDF to use a lot of black in this second collection, as if channeling emotions in him. Gray is the clash of most blacks, sometimes in the same way, some form a patchwork quilt-pattern, is distressed T-shirt, holes connected by steel wires finely woven, and there are a lot of curtains hanging shamelessly from different parts of the head. Asymmetric T-shirts also feature in his collection, cut the most unusual ways and, of course, pins, studs and Swarovski are back. All very impressive, very unusual, especially compared to their softly spoken with the creator.

Something else

Who is Naz for Cannon? I ask.

"It is between 18 and 28, and he is a monster of fashion," comes the reply. "It is for people who wish to update their mode -. Many people who are seen at the hottest spots around the city "

The youngest of seven children, Al MIDF said it was his mother who always encouraged. "She was my greatest support, although others have said many things. She told me to do what I wanted, I have always done correctly."

All clothing material comes from South Korea, Thailand and China, and hand sewn by a team of four people. Then it will be a line of accessories, and then maybe the line for women.

"We created a few pieces of women just to test the waters, and the feedback has been positive, so maybe soon," he says.

Now the clothing line is a lot of love and attention. "I'm still working my full time job, so it's also a lot of hard work," he admits. "But then I think that if you put your mind, you can not do anything.

"When I started, all I wanted to do was to create clothes that were different and not quite normal. I think I succeeded."


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