Simple Wedding Dress Complete Collection

I want to thank you for my bride Helen prom dresses awsome all eyes were on my dress and I was the only one with this dress in particular. Helen married thank you for your excellent work on my dress. I'll keep ordering from you in the future, just a Tim Long to come here lol but well worth the wait.


United States

Hi Victoria dresses I arrived yesterday and everyone is beautiful! Thank you very much for your prompt service and the costumes are done very well. They went to a lot of money in the UK. Again thank you very much Katie xxx

Katie Bradbury

United Kingdom

My dress was a bit 'long to get, but it was well worth the wait! It fits almost perfectly - a local tailor makes it a bit 'up - ordered the 8, should have imposed a 6 - I think that running a bit' big. View of the princess. Very beautiful fabrics, well made, super-well-aligned. I love you wife Helene!

Annie S

United States

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