Zayed Khan Loves Fashion Shopping

"I'm going to shop in Goa, and I go shopping in Bangkok," said Zayed. "Frankly, I think that designers rip off stuff that was bought from the streets," he joked Zayed, who walked the ramp suit.Dia official sported a flowing white dress, and Rocky says that the color white always remind him of the actress.
"Dia is a very feminine and she is young, cute and innocent and white is beautiful. Every time I see white, I Dia," Rocky told IANS.

The designer has the title of the summer collection Cantabile brand and said his reason for highlighting the distance to the LFW was to break the myth that fashion clothes are not affordable.

He offered many kinds of clothes - the complex of formal wear, casual wear and party dresses very casual.

"The whole line is very stylish and convenient. The first exhibition was presented to show that affordable housing to be fashionable. 'Was a show full of energy," said Rocky.

Zayed said. " Tonight Show "was to break the public perception and demonstrate that affordable housing could look beautiful and elegant effect never fails Rocky's always clothes that every personality and physicality and make sure we look the best.."

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