Short Wedding Dress for Informal Wedding Ceremony

short wedding dress is best for the summer season, which impresses a topic informally. This type of dress is usually worn at a wedding on the beach or garden. The pattern of colors are the usual colors of citrus such as grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime colors like baby pink carnations, blue and green and other light and bright and fun colors.

It 's the greatest, if you decide to use a short wedding dress to highlight the details of the wedding event free of conflicting and contradictory elements of your wedding. Here are some tips for a couple of wedding dresses short.

A location on the beach or a cocktail:

Ask your calendar to book yourself in a seaside town, Country Club, the garden or in a restaurant with a less formal atmosphere. connotes rather a festive atmosphere, to use natural materials. If you choose to host your wedding ceremony in a hotel convention room, ask the staff to decorate a less formal way. If the weather is, you can also view receiver portion in the pool. short wedding dress and less formal wedding theme is the best in summer.

Entourage Apparel:

Using lighter materials for the dresses of her bridesmaids. Can be made of muslin or linen, and with fewer frills. Costume design environment must also be comfortable and smooth for a more playful appeal. To complete the necessary request to the members of his entourage to wear sandals or flip flops.

Music and wine:

You can make your party host through the game more reggae and Brazilian music and the preparation of cocktails like margaritas and daquiris.

Funny games:

A major advantage of a wedding dress is less formal than may be more comfortable in interaction activities throughout the reception. You can organize interactive games with your guests, along with nonstop music and food and wine cocktails.


Ask your caterer to prepare a light and healthy choice for your menu. Since you will be more interactive time with your guests, it is best to fix it with appetizers and lighter main course to make them fully awake and active during the evening. For cocktails, ask your server for food on the portions of fence to prevent guests from becoming intoxicated.

Friendly organization of meetings:

The wedding is more intimate, but the interactive session, depending on the arrangements for the guests. Ask your wedding venue organizers to prepare for the less formal arrangements, meeting in conjunction with other factors, such as coffee tables and a lighter interior.

You can also remove the traditional wedding car, and you can even allow guests to walk. However, transport is an important consideration for the climate and accessibility. If you intend to keep your marriage, you can golf cart for transportation.

Remember, wedding dresses today is not restricted to formal style. Wearing a short dress is yours for as long as you know how to play with style and elegant and stunning on your big day.

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