Fantasy Lina Tipnis' Day 5 Of LFW

A strong emphasis on cocktails and mini club wear have been cut drastically to fit the basic shapes that moved with a trapeze silhouette shifts and sheaths, a few jumpers and trousers Jodhpur finished look.

Results apart from the emphasis on the shoulder of many clothes, Lina added an interesting sleeve was tied to the hood.

Using his signature trompe l'oeil, which is a lamp and a coin creations of the press, a collection was a blend of style, practicality, and coordination of colors.

Implement its line of custom jewelry - earrings and rings - Lina to match perfectly with each garment.

Galaxy provides a title for each set, Lina began with a satin skirt Dupion midnight blue tank top, elegant palate with black-shoulder top, stick to the tan dress with a star brooch, elegant dress with sleeves and round badge Sienna shoulder stones, a second shift with the diamond harness around the armholes and a hourglass dress in midnight blue with shoulder stones.

The shimmering embroidery was often added to serve as necklaces or pendants on dresses. The final cut black tin with coins prints had glittering necklace and shoulder, which ended the summer perfect collection of ready-to-wear.

Lina Tipnis supply of "great country" can fly the shelves this season with the international community as well as Indian buyers

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